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Cloverfield 2 In The Works

So last night during Paramount's presentation at CinemaCon, we got a couple updates on the Cloverfield series. For those that don't know what CinemaCon is basically it is a convention for film studios to show off previews of movies that are coming out this year. Sometimes, studios will show a timeline of projects that ranging from the rest of the current year to next year. Paramount didn't have any timeline or anything to show other than a few trailers for Mission Impossible: Fallout, Bumblebee (another Transformers movie), etc. They even mentioned other projects that they are currently working on such as a sequel for A Quiet Place, which is doing extremely well for a horror movie.

Producer J J Abrams was also there talking about his new movie, Overlord, a WWII horror movie taking place the day before D-Day about a set of paratroopers that were dropped behind enemy lines to inspect a small village that was occupied by the Nazis only to find themselves battling something paranormal. J J went on and mentions that Overlord is not a Cloverfield movie. While Overlord is rated R unlike the three previous Cloverfield movies being PG -13, I don't really trust what J J says is true. BUT he did also go on to confirm that a "true" Cloverfield sequel is in the works and is coming out in theaters very soon.

To be honest, I have grown very weary and don't really care about Cloverfield after that piece of garbage that is The Cloverfield Paradox. Here is what I think happened. We know that Paramount knew that The Cloverfield Paradox was going to be bad and they tried to hide it under the rug by releasing it on Netflix and Overlord was originally going to be the fourth Cloverfield movie. After the amount of negativity towards the third movie, Paramount decided to just let Overlord be its own movie and said, "F- it, just make an actual sequel that people wanted and get it over with." I highly doubt that the Cloverfield sequel will be released any time soon. On the other hand, they could have actually been working on the movie before The Cloverfield Paradox as well. Either way, a sequel is confirmed now and it is only a matter of time until the marketing starts up again and the trailer drops.

What are your thoughts? Are you excited that a "true" sequel is getting made or have you grown tired of this series? Leave a comment in the comment section on your thoughts of this subject. Make sure to bookmark or subscribe to my page to stay up to date on more news, reviews, and discussions.

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