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Early Reviews For Pacific Rim Uprising

Early reviews for the sequel to 2013's epic "robots vs monsters" movie, Pacific Rim: Uprising, are starting to come in and it was about what everybody predicted it to be. IGN shows a 6.5 rating and a 63% Fresh so far on Rotten Tomatoes. IGN says, "It would have been a pleasant surprise if Pacific Rim Uprising had used the opportunity of a sequel to scratch under the surface of the pulpy universe set up in the original. Done well, it might have revealed deeper reasons to care whether humans in giant robot suits could again defeat invading interdimensional monsters beyond satisfying an appetite for its breathlessly fun fight scenes. Unfortunately, it doesn't."

The consensus on Rotten Tomatoes says, "Pacific Rim Uprising won't win any points for subtlety or originality, but it delivers enough of the rock em-sock em robots-vs-kaiju thrills that fans of the original will be looking for."

Other critics say that while it is too fast paced to understand what is going on, John Boyega did well fitting into the world of giant robots and monsters. Some even wish that there was more story with the other characters as well.

While these are just early reviews, they all seem to agree that while the story was on short end of the stick, the movie was still just as fun with plenty of action for the fans. The score on Rotten Tomatoes does come off a little short of its predecessor where the first movie showed a 71% Fresh rating, but it does not hinder my expectations which isn't much. In the end, critics wanted story from an action movie and all they got was more action and less story and were disappointed by that. 

I have been keeping track with the score on Rotten Tomatoes and it looks like it has taken quite a nose dive from the last time I checked. Right now, it is sitting at a 52% Rotten score. I know that probably most of you don't care about the score and honestly I don't really care either because I am going to have fun seeing it anyways, but it is better to update the information to the current info. If anything I do feel a little down about it and I was sort of hoping that it did only okay. I did say in my review for Pacific Rim that the sequel may flop harder if it does not reel in the general audience and you can say that this is a glimpse of that happening right now. I think at this point it is safe to say it is going to stay under the Rotten rating no matter how much you check the movie's RT score.

What are your thoughts? Were the ratings just as you expected it to be or do you simply not care what critics think? Leave a comment below and make sure to share with your friends as well. Also, don't forget to bookmark or subscribe to my page for more updates, reviews, and discussions.

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