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First Look At Godzilla vs Kong And CCXP Rant

Good morning, readers! I hope all of you have recovered after yesterday's fart that was the Warner Bros. panel at CCXP. I am still very disappointed about not getting that trailer we were hoping for, but I will talk more about it later. Right now, I want to focus on what we did get from CCXP and that was the 3 - 4 second clip that was shown at the beginning of the panel.

The screenshots you are about to see were first presented in a montage video of all the Warner Bros. movies coming out in 2021. This teaser is available to watch on YouTube if you want to watch it. Last week, we got confirmation that Godzilla vs Kong will be released on HBO Max the same day as the movie's theatrical release.

The first two screenshots we see first in the teaser is Godzilla swimming towards the camera. As you can see, he looks a little more ridged and spikier than how he looked in Godzilla and Godzilla: King of the Monsters, especially around the neck and eye areas. It is even telling on his back, as well. Slight alterations were probably made to this Godzilla, which is to be expected.

I'm not expecting an overhaul on his design like Mike Dougherty did in Godzilla: King of the Monsters, but I do expect this Godzilla to stand out from the other incarnations from the other two movies. Changes to the design of his skin or his tail or slight alterations to the dorsal fins that doesn't stray away from the 2019 design too much. Just small changes that makes this Godzilla unique enough to stand out from Godzilla and Godzilla: King of the Monsters.

The next two and final screenshots we will be looking at now are of Kong and there is a lot going on here. First thing we notice is that Kong is much more larger and muscular than how he looked back in Kong: Skull Island. He even looks older in the face. You can just tell that Kong is not an adolescent anymore. He is fully grown and looks ready to battle based on him roaring.

He is most likely roaring at Godzilla based on what we can see going on in the background. There are a couple of different ships in the background, which are a battleship and an aircraft carrier, and the whole area is water with no sight of land anywhere. If you remember the concept art that we saw on the back of the packaging for the toys it showed Godzilla and Kong fighting on an aircraft carrier. So my guess on what is happening is that Godzilla jumped out of the water and landed on the aircraft carrier and Kong is ready to fight.

The last thing that we see in this photo is if you look closer at Kong's neck, you can see a collar around his neck. This is where we probably learn that Kong was chained up and in this scene he was able to break loose. Who chained him up? We don't know who and why yet. There is simply not enough info on what is going on to make any speculation on who or why these people wanted Kong in chains.

Rant on CCXP:

This part of the article you can skip if you want since this is just me blowing off steam. However, if you want to keep reading to see what I have to say that's fine too.

Last week, everything seemed like we were being teased for something big to happen. Legendary's new banner with Godzilla's footprint, the announcement of Godzilla vs Kong being released on HBO Max, and the new designs of the logo. Everything seemed like everything was pointing to this movie finally releasing a trailer coming soon. Then CCXP came, and once we saw those 3 seconds of official scenes from the movie it really seemed like it was going to happen. All of us felt it. We were all excited for it. Then, all of that excitement died after sitting through six hours of the Warner Bros. panel showing absolutely nothing.

It is cool and all that we got a three second teaser for all of us to dissect, but I don't see the point in teasing us the movie and not show a trailer during this panel. I have seen people say, "I'm happy with what we got and everyone else should be too," and, "Warner Bros. never promised a trailer. You should have expected it and you only have yourself to blame." If you're happy with the teaser, then great. More power to you. However, just because you're happy with what was revealed does not mean that I don't have the right not to be frustrated. This is not about "entitlement" (which is being thrown out there to dismiss my frustrations). This is about expectation vs result.

While it is true Warner Bros. never promised a trailer, everything that happened last week was trailer baiting. Everyone was baited to expect a trailer and we sat through six hours of what was a giant fart. The teaser during that montage at the beginning of the panel really seemed like it was baiting us to anticipate for a trailer and the result was bread crumbs. Warner Bros. would rather talk about non-sense like diversity, toxic masculinity, woman power, and anything else BUT the shows and movies. There was a lot of fat that could have been cut out that just drove everyone nuts. Warner Bros. prioritized a video of the new actress in Batwoman showing her make-up routine and panda pajamas.

While you could argue CCXP did a similar tease last year and should not have expected anything else, last year was a different situation. Last year, we already learned the movie was delayed to November 20th, 2020. So a movie trailer at CCXP was not really expected, but it took us by surprise that a teaser was even shown. Now, the movie is six months away and Warner Bros. is basically set to release the movie on HBO Max and in theaters.

I understand that Wonder Woman 1984 is coming out in two weeks and the panel had that movie saved for last to get people excited, but something for Godzilla vs Kong had to be shown. They can't just tease us a whole week and not deliver something. Like I said, it's cool that we got three seconds of official footage of the movie, but it is simply not enough. I can't get excited over just three seconds of bread crumbs. A trailer should've been shown at CCXP. I'm just hoping that a trailer does get dropped this month (hopefully before Wonder Woman 1984).

This morning, Deadline did put out an article that basically says Legendary is sending out or has sent out a letter today challenging WarnerMedia and their decision to put DUNE and, maybe, Godzilla vs Kong on HBO Max without Legendary's consent. I heard one person speculate that this is probably why we didn't see a trailer at CCXP. Legendary does own 75% of the movie's budget so they have the right to dispute this with WarnerMedia. I'm not sure if this dispute is really the cause for not having a trailer at CCXP. We have seen a trailer for DUNE (albeit, a trailer we have already seen) at CCXP. If they can show and talk about DUNE at CCXP, then I can't see why Godzilla vs Kong couldn't be talked and shown at CCXP.

What are your thoughts on CCXP and the three second teaser of Godzilla vs Kong? Was the teaser enough for you or were you expecting more from CCXP? What do you think is happening in the teaser? Leave a comment in the comments section of your thoughts on CCXP and the teaser. Make sure to follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Minds, Parler, and MeWe to stay up to date for more news, reviews, and discussions.


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