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Godzilla VS Kong Starts Filming TOMORROW

Updated: Jan 3, 2019

Yes, you read that correctly. The last entry of the Monsterverse series, Godzilla VS Kong, will begin filming tomorrow. Filming has been going through some delays and was suppose to have started last week. Now, the epic rematch is about to begin.

During that time, there were actor announcements that were reported to have signed on to the film. Last time I reported any casting news for Godzilla VS Kong, Millie Bobby Brown, Kyle Chandler, and Ziyi Zhang were set to return with Deadpool 2 actor, Julian Dennison, as the first new comer and Danai Gurira in talks of joining. Here are the casting members that are confirmed starting with the latest addition and working our way down.

1. Shun Oguri

Our latest cast member is Japanese actor, Shun Oguri. He is best known for movies such as Crows Zero and Gintama. If I were to guess it is that he is going to play a younger version of Ken Watanabe's character, Dr. Serizawa, or perhaps a similar character. So far, all of the Asian characters in the Monsterverse series has always played some sort of scientist role. Oguri is a big name actor in Japan, so it will be interesting to see how they involve Oguri in the movie.

2. Jessica Henwick

Game Of Thrones actress, Jessica Henwick, has signed on to appear in Godzilla VS Kong. She made her first appearance in season 5 of the hit HBO series as the character, Nymeria Sand. From there she was in the Netflix series, Iron Fist, as Colleen Wing and will reprise her role in Luke Cage and The Defenders.

3. Eiza Gonzalez

Eiza Gonzalez is another new name that was added to cast role. So far, she is known for movie the movie, Baby Driver, and in the upcoming movies, Welcome To Marwen, Bloodshot, and Alita: Battle Angel. Her casting was announced at the same time as Jessica Henwick's casting announcement. So far, Gonzalez has played the role of the love interest of the male main character. So it makes me wonder if she will continue that trend as one of the other character's love interest.

4. Alexander Skarsgård

Up next to witness the epic finale is actor Alexander Skarsgård. If you have heard of his last name from somewhere else, then you are right. He is Bill Skarsgård's eldest brother and they are sons of the famous actor, Stellan Skarsgård. He has quite the list of movies and shows that Skarsgård is known for. He is known for the 2016 movie, Tarzan, and the TV show, True Blood.

5. Demián Bichir

Coming from his latest horror movie, The Nun, Demián Bichir joins the cast to fight the world's two mightiest monsters. Bichir is known for other big name films such as Alien: Covenant, Machete Kills, A Better Life, and The Hateful Eight and will be in the upcoming horror remake, Grudge.

6. Brian Tyree Henry

Last, but not least, Brian Tyree Henry will be joining the rest of the cast in the rematch. Henry is known for Hotel Artemis and Widows and will be starring in the upcoming Marvel movie, Spider - Man: Into The Spiderverse, and in the horror remake, Child's Play.

And there we have it. These are the latest cast members that will be joining Kyle Chandler, Millie Bobby Brown, Ziyi Zhang, and Julian Dennison in the upcoming rematch, Godzilla VS Kong. I am sure that more cast members will be announced, but the only question is who will appear next and will it be a new cast member or a returning actor? Do you think there will be more coming and if so, who would you like to see make an appearance? Leave a comment in the comment section and make sure to follow my Facebook page and my Twitter page to stay up to date for more news, reviews, and discussions.

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