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How To Add Gigan In The Monsterverse

The Monsterverse has explored a handful of classic monsters from the Godzilla series with Mothra, Rodan, King Ghidorah, and MechaGodzilla. With whispers of the series possibly continuing, there are more monsters on the roster that can be explored and implemented in this series.

In the three movies Gigan has appeared, this monster has always been shown as a cyborg controlled by aliens that seek to invade Earth and paired up with either Ghidorah, Monster X, or Megalon setting up for a 2 vs 2 fight against Godzilla and one of his allies. In all of Gigan's appearances in movies or other media, we never really got to see what Gigan looked when he was truly alive and before he became a mind controlled robot. So this is how I would introduce Gigan if it was in the Monsterverse series.

Gigan (Organic)

In this universe, Gigan will appear in two forms, an organic form and a cyborg form. Gigan are a species of titans that live in packs of smaller Gigans and one larger alpha that commands them. They are very similar to wolves or the velociraptors in the Jurassic Park movies. Smaller Gigans hunt in packs while the alpha stays on standby.

Gigans have two ways of communicating. The first way is by chirping and the second is with their gold sail that runs down their back, which changes colors signaling different moods. The gold scales are the neutral color, but will turn solid red when agitated or threatened and flash between gold and red while hunting to signal the pack to strike. Monarch believes that their sail can change other colors, but have not witnessed this, so far.

When they hunt, they will use an EMP screech to stun their prey and disable any long range energy attacks. Once the target is stunned, the Gigans will swoop down and use their mantis like arms to shred, tear, and cut through their prey. Their arms like nature’s steak knives, meant to cut through the toughest flesh, but not meant for cutting armor or shells. Once their prey has been killed, the alpha will feast on the carcass first before allowing the rest of the pack to eat. Gigans are not patient creatures, however, as they often go awol and hunt smaller prey to snack on before they get to feed on their kill.

Their fatal flaw was marking Godzilla as their next victim. While Godzilla was overwhelmed by the Gigans, the pack was no match for the king. The alpha stepped in to aid the pack, but Godzilla blinds the alpha with his atomic breath and knocking out the alpha swiftly forcing the pack to retreat.

The eco-terrorist group lead by Alan Jonah would retrieve the body of the alpha seeing it as a potential weapon. With the technology and research they stole from APEX, they bring the alpha Gigan back to full strength in the form of a cyborg. While MechaGodzilla was humanity’s first giant robot, this Gigan will become humanity’s first robot/titan hybrid.

Gigan (Cyborg)

The wings are still in tact, but to help Gigan fly faster jet boosters were added. Due to going blind from Godzilla's atomic breath, a visor was placed over the eyes to improve the cyborg’s vision. Its skin was charred by Godzilla's breath, but is now reinforced with armor made from the bones of Godzilla.

Another improvement includes Gigan’s weaponry. The arms are giant blades, which are sharper than a katana. The chest has a giant saw blade inserted into the chest to allow extra damage. Lastly, the cyborg Gigan has a smaller version of the photon beam that MechaGodzilla used in Godzilla vs Kong. With all of the new weaponry built into Gigan along with the EMP screech and being able to summon hordes of smaller Gigans, the cyborg would prove to be a huge threat for the king of the monsters.

At this time, Jonah had just come into contact with a mystery person that goes by the name Controller, who had tasked him to build an army of monsters. With that, Jonah would have Gigan, Ghidorah, and many others in this monster army.

When the time for Gigan to take action came, Gigan was given a small dose of the Hollow Earth energy causing it to go mad, but not enough for the monster to be controllable. The terrorists unleash Gigan and Gigan calls on all of his buddies to hunt and kill everything, both humans and titans alike leading up to a Destroy All Monsters event.

The cyborg Gigan would be relentless and driven by rage after being humiliated by Godzilla in their last encounter. Gigan would get its chance for another fight with Godzilla, but would come to find Godzilla did not come alone. Tagging along with Godzilla would be Anguirus, the spike-armor titan. Just so Anguirus doesn't get in the way of his rematch with Godzilla, he orders his smaller brethren to keep the ankylosaur busy. The smaller Gigans would be able to find softer tissue to cut open, but nothing Anguirus can't handle and uses his club-like tail to swat them away.

While the pack are busy with Anguirus, Gigan has been gaining the upper hand on Godzilla with all of the new artillery. There would be times where Godzilla got a few good hits in, but Gigan just shrugs them off shortly after. Just as Gigan was about a finishing blow, Anguirus comes to Godzilla's rescue and stabs with his horn into Gigan's ribcage. Gigan is not having any of it and charges Anguirus using his buzz saw. Anguirus would withdraw into a ball exposing his back layered with spikes. Gigan gets impaled, but the buzz saw manages to cut through Anguirus's armor, pinning Anguirus down for the count. Gigan uncontrollably stabs Anguirus over and over with his blades.

Upon seeing his fallen comrade, Godzilla blasts Gigan with his atomic breath over and over until Gigan has little armor left to protect him. Gigan fires three fully charged photon beams at Godzilla without any affect. The cannon that fires the beam overheats and explodes leaving Gigan unable to fight back. Godzilla charges up and his dorsal fins turn red instead of blue and kills Gigan with a red spiral ray.

"Controller" would not be pleased by Gigan's results and informs Jonah that he needs all life wiped out before his brethren arrives. "Controller" reveals his face turning out to be Ren Serizawa under Ghidorah's mind control. Angrily, he warns Jonah that the next time he fails then "Controller" will have the monsters turn on Jonah and his mercenaries.

That is how I would bring Gigan into the Monsterverse. I tried to make Gigan more grounded and animalistic while also keeping the classic aspects of Gigan, as well, such as being controlled by a third party. I am no Matt Frank, but I think I captured the idea of how my Gigan would look in this universe.

How would you introduce Gigan in the Monsterverse? Would you do a more animalistic version, keep it classic, or do a blend of both? Let me know of your ideas in the comments section of your version of Gigan. Make sure to follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Minds, MeWe, and Gab to stay up to date for more news, reviews, and discussions.

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Dec 12, 2021

Well, I mean… I would do a blend of both too, but instead of Godzilla getting a Red Beam just because he is angry that his friend got hurt, I would recall to the nuke that was hand delivered by Ishiro Serizawa in a different light, so how that would go is a nuke is dropped on a few of the smaller Gigans (if they survived) to keep from Anguirus getting bashed, and when the only Gigan left is the cybernetic alpha, the radiation from the nuke would be absorbed by Godzilla

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