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Mokele Mbembe - Titans Explained

Illustrated by David Miller
Mokele Mbembe illustration by David Miller for Roy Mackal's book, A Living Dinosaur?: In Search Of Mokele - Mbembe

In Godzilla: King Of The Monsters, we learn that there were 17+ Titans found after Godzilla was discovered. We know some of those titans were Mothra, Rodan, Ghidorah, Kong, the MUTOs, and the Skull Crawlers. However, there were more that was in the movie for a brief moment that we learned are Behemoth, Scylla, and Methuselah. Not all of the titans were shown off, but in the novelization we get more info about these monsters including ones that were not introduced in the movie. One of those monsters was Mokele Mbembe.

My interpretation of Mokele Mbembe based on the novel

Mokele Mbembe was nicknamed by MONARCH for resembling the cryptid sauropod of the same name even though there are only a few similarities. Mokele in the novel is described to be a quadroped reptile with grey, pebbled skin like that of some lizards. Its head resembling an earless elephant with tusks pointing down instead of up. On top of the head protrudes a curved, green glowing horn. The creature's trunk flickers like a snake striking at its prey. His mouth opens like a crocodile which then reveals "thousands" of teeth. Each of the monster's feet has five, sharp claws and his forelegs are longer than his hind legs. The tail made up two-thirds of its body length giving Mokele Mbembe a snake like appearance when curled up. Also, the tail is so sharp that it can easily slice an Osprey in half.

Mokele Mbembe was discovered and contained at Jebel Barkal, Sudan (Outpost 75). The locals would occasionally visit the containment site as a pilgrimage to pay homage to the cryptid. After Master Sargeant Nez received reports of Outpost 61 at the Yunnan Province in China and Outpost 32 in Antarctica were raided by terrorists, the perimeter surrounding Outpost 75 expanded and security tightened to not allow any pilgrims or government officials into the containment site. Despite putting Outpost 75 on lock down it did not stop Mokele from waking up and breaking out of containment. He is bombarded with by a barrage of missiles and the monster shrugs it off like it was nothing. He swam up the Nile River heading north towards Egypt. Nez along with the Egyptian army set up a trap in a canyon lined with explosives and an electric fence. Nez lured Mokele towards the trap and before they could switch on the electric fence Mokele slows down, stops, and stares at Nez. It is unknown if Mokele was summoned by Ghidorah to Boston or not, but either way he did not get to witness Godzilla become the new Alpha.

I find this creature kind of cool, but there are parts of the story that could have been explored. For instance, why is the horn glowing green? Does Mokele's horn do anything? Is it glowing green because it's charging a beam attack? What ever happened to Mokele after Ghidorah died? Did he go back home to Sudan or did he swim off to Skull Island with the other monsters? Just little bits of extra detail would have helped.

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