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Mothra Design Leaked!

Yes, you heard that right. Just last night, the design for Mothra for the upcoming 2019 movie, Godzilla: King Of The Monsters, has been leaked. The leak came from an article on SYFY's website talking about NECA's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle toyline. NECA is a toy manufacturing company that make collectable action figures.

Back in July, NECA talked about how they first started the Godzilla line communication between them and TOHO were really messy and they were restricted by Warner Bros. on which Godzilla figures they can and can't do. Now, they have a much easier way to communicate with one another, they both signed a new contract, and now NECA has more freedom and variety on making figures based on other monsters other than just Godzilla.

Now, we actually get our first glimpse of how Mothra looks. So far, she does look very much like a moth and it's very small. Perhaps, NECA is trying to keep an accurate scale with there other monsters. I saw some people comment that this could be an accessory, but I don't really see that with how large those wings are. I will be honest, I am sort of on the fence on how Mothra looks. The long legs are throwing me off because of how odd it looks. However, I will reserve my final judgement when I see her on the big screen.

What do you think of the look? Leave your thoughts in the comments. Share with your friends and make sure to stay up to date by liking my Facebook page for more news, reviews, and discussions.

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