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Reveals From Tamashii Nations And NECA

Hello collectors, I'm back for another action figure reveal. This time, there are three more figures revealed. One of them coming from Tamashii Nations and the other two coming from NECA. None of these have an official release date just yet as it has a TBD attached to them. Let's take a look.

Godzilla 1962 from the movie, King Kong vs. Godzilla, has been revealed for the S.H. MonsterArts line. Oooh and aaah all around, right? The last figure that was released in the showa era was MechaGodzilla 74 version. As it turns out this era might be getting a little more attention than usual which is good. We need more monsters from this era to have their own figures, but I was hoping other monsters other than Godzilla at this point. He looks just like the costume from the movie and he even comes with a beam effect part. Originally, this beam effect part was released before when the Godzilla 64 Emergence version. So if you have that action figure already and you're getting this one, then be prepared to have two of the same effect part. There is no release date and price for the United States just yet. It will be sold in Japan as a Japanese Web Exclusive going for 9,936 Japanese yen ($88.16 US dollars).

NECA Godzilla 62 version at San Diego Comic Con 2018

Following up with the same suit from 1962, we have NECA's version of Godzilla from King Kong vs. Godzilla, which was revealed at San Diego Comic Con. This does not come with any effect parts, but you can tell that NECA stepped up their game with this figure compared to their previous releases. There is no official price yet, but like most average 6 inch NECA figures it will most likely going to be in the $20 range, but even at that amount you may be getting quite the deal with a really well sculpted figure. So now you have options on which Godzilla 62 version to choose from. Well, technically three if you don't want either. But if you had to choose between the two you can go for either the cheaper and still good for your wallet option (NECA) or the so expensive that your wallet has to go see a doctor option (SHMA). Either path you choose is up to you and I'm sure that both will look great with your King Kong figures. In my opinion, I would go with the NECA figure because the price is cheaper and it looks just as good.

Revealed next to the NECA 62 Godzilla at SDCC 2018, we have the poster version of Godzilla 54. I am really digging the color and I am actually hoping that it comes with the poster as a way to display stand for the figure. So this makes this the third figure reveal from NECA this year and it makes me wonder if there are more coming or if this is all that will be shown at the convention. I think they could fit in one more figure reveal (hopefully more), but three seems like a good number for now. There is no official release date and price yet, but just like NECA's 62 Godzilla, the price will most likely be in the $20 range. So if you ever wanted a poster version of the 54 Godzilla then I definitely recommend checking this out.

Do you like any of the figures that you see here? Do you prefer NECA or SH MonsterArts? What is your favorite Godzilla action figure that you currently own? Let me know what your thoughts are in the comments. Make sure to share with your friends and stay up to date by subscribing to my page for more news, reviews, and discussions.

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