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Rodan Design Leaked? (No Spoilers)

Just a day after Entertainment Weekly gave us our first look at Godzilla: King Of The Monsters, a photo has made its way around the internet through Twitter. Fans are questioning if this is actually real or not. It's questionable and I always try to approach these leaks with a grain of salt until they are confirmed. Before getting into what was leaked, I want to show you another photo that is not a leak at all, but an official photo that was posted by Mike Dougherty on his Twitter page back in December. The photo shown is that of a crate with labels that say, "RODAN MAQUETTE." The photo was posted just to tease the fans and fans have been dying to see what this monster looks like. Fast forward to last night and it seems as though the design has leaked.

Official photo from Mike Dougherty

This photo that I am talking about is the actual maquette of Rodan outside of its box. I will be honest with you. Yes, I have seen what this maquette looks like. No, I am not going to post it on my blog until after everything is officially revealed. Seeing that we are a week away from San Diego Comic Con 2018 this photo of the design could very well be real. It isn't the first time we had something leak and turn out to be true. To make the photo even more valid the person who posted the leaked image deleted his Twitter account. The leaker could actually be one of the people that helped design the monsters and was ordered from the marketing team to take it down. Or maybe the marketing team deliberately leaked it themselves to stir more hype for the movie. Either way, it is too fishy to leak a design a week before SDCC 2018.

Let's say that this maquette is the final design of the monster, any expectation would just drop immediately. Of course, it would be my own fault for spoiling myself, but it would create a bigger reaction if it was officially revealed than have a leak reveal the design. Also, we are only one week away from SDCC 2018. We can wait one more week. We just need to stay strong until that day comes. I know that back in March, I made a post about a potential leak of King Ghidorah's design and even showed it off as well. The thing is that the leaked design was questionable and even to this day it is still considered inconclusive. Now, we have this leaked photo of Rodan's design that looks more official and more legit than the King Ghidorah design leak back in March. Again, it's very odd that something like this would leak the week before SDCC 2018, but it is all speculation at this point. Dougherty spoke highly of Rodan in the Entertainment Weekly article saying that he believes he has given Rodan some justice. If the design is real, then I guarantee that you will be very pleased with the design and you will be even more pleased with yourself for waiting.

I hope you enjoyed today's topic. I am sorry that this teased you, but if you still want to see what the Rodan maquette looks like you can message me in private. Just know to take it with a grain of salt and that there are other people trying to stay away from spoilers entirely and I commend them for it. Again, send me a private message if you still want to see the design. Make sure to share with your friends and subscribing to my page to stay up to date for more news, reviews, and discussions.

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