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Small GvK News, Monsterverse Mobile Game Announced, and Pacific Rim Anime Info

Just today, there is an article that was released from the License Global magazine interviewing Elie Dekel, the executive vice president & brand development and consumer products at Legendary Entertainment. It even shows off the official banner for Godzilla vs Kong with the slogan, One Will Fall. I have to say that Kong really looks like he has aged in this banner. It is expected for Kong to look like he has aged since the last time we have seen him it was in the 2017 movie, Kong: Skull Island. In that movie Kong was still in his adolescence. He was not fully grown in that movie. Now in Godzilla vs Kong, he is a full grown adult which means he will be much bigger and perhaps more muscular when he was an adolescent.

The first bit of news in the article, it states that Godzilla vs Kong is slated for a Spring 2020 release. We have known for months that the movie's release is for March 13, 2020, however there have been reports of movies from Warner Bros. being pushed back. There have been people speculating if pushing back the release date for Godzilla vs Kong could raise the movie's success rate. I will tell you this right now, pushing it back is not going to make a difference. The movie's success all relies on the general audience's reception and word of mouth. We learned that when the first reviews from Rotten Tomatoes came back negatively, it was already over. The general audience read the official critic score and they will judge that movie by that score. The audience score wouldn't make a difference at all.

I understand why people wouldn't mind pushing the movie back to another date is the reaction towards Godzilla: King Of The Monsters having a poor box office performance. Godzilla: King Of The Monsters was outdone by Avengers: EndGame, Aladdin, Toy Story 4, and other Disney films. If you actually take a look at the box office numbers the top 5 box office movies for this year are all Disney/Marvel movies. And it was not just Godzilla: King Of The Monsters that had a poor performance this year. There were other titles such as Brightburn, X-Men: Dark Phoenix, and Men In Black International that were affected by poor box office performance. Overall, Summer 2019 was mostly a dud with Disney the only one being successful. Like I said, the success for Godzilla vs Kong all relies on word of mouth.

In other Monsterverse news, the article also announces a mobile game to release next to Godzilla vs Kong's release. The company making this Monsterverse mobile game made by a company called, Disruptor Beam, which made other mobile games such as Game Of Thrones Ascent, Star Trek Timelines, and The Walking Dead: March To War. I don't care about mobile games. I know that these mobile games will start off with a few easy levels to reel you in before it hits you with an almost impossible level to make you spend on micro-transactions and loot boxes. I know I will be playing a little bit of it when it comes out just to try it, but I am not going to waste money on a cash grab. What I would love to see is a video game of the Monsterverse on a home console like on the Nintendo Switch or the PS4 or even on the PC with actual playable levels where you can play as either Godzilla, Kong, Mothra, or any of the other monsters in the Monsterverse and you can smash buildings and fight other monsters. No micro-transactions, no loot boxes, and none of those other tricks you commonly see with mobile games.

The last bit of news is about Netflix's Pacific Rim Anime. The article lists the show getting two seasons. We have not seen anything from this show. No trailer or a screenshot showing what this anime is about. We don't even know if this show will be even good after the first season. There has been so much talk about this show ever since it was first announced after the first Pacific Rim movie was released in 2013. Yet, we hardly have any info of what this show is about. Honestly, after how bad Pacific Rim Uprising was I don't even feel excited for it.

That is all of the news for today. I am almost done with my review for the S.H. MonsterArts King Ghidorah 2019 figure. I should have it up some time tomorrow. I want to know your thoughts on this article. Do you think Godzilla vs Kong will get pushed back or do you think it will keep the same release date? Do you mind getting a mobile game or would you rather see an actual video game? What are your thoughts on the Pacific Rim anime getting two seasons? Do you think the show will do well enough to warrant a second season or do you think Legendary should have waited to see how the first season does? Leave your thoughts in the comment section on this article. If you want to help support the blog, click on the donation button at the top of the page. Make sure to follow me on my Facebook and Twitter pages to stay up to date for more news, reviews, and discussions.


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