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Which Movies To Expect During Super Bowl LII

Tomorrow, people will be sitting down and watching the super bowl whether it's to support their favorite team or just for the commercials. I am usually one of those that likes to watch just for the commercials. If any new previews for upcoming movies are making any appearances it would be during the super bowl. We all know by now we are going to see Disney and Marvel's Black Panther and maybe The Avengers: Infinity War, Mission Impossible: Fallout, and also rumors of a possible trailer for Solo: A Star Wars Story. There is, however, a little something for monster fans as well.

It is confirmed that Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, the sequel to Jurassic World and the fifth Jurassic Park movie, will have a trailer during the super bowl. We may see a couple new scenes that we have not seen yet since the first trailer drop, but I am not expecting much. To be honest, I was not all that thrilled when I saw the first trailer. Something about this movie makes me think that I have seen this before. Like it would be something that I have seen something similar from The Lost World: Jurassic Park. The movie is about Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard needing to transport the dinosaurs off Isla Nublar before the volcano erupts and destroys the whole island. That is basically all we know so far. Jeff Goldblum does make an appearance in this movie, but only to deliver the famous "life finds a way" line. There is suppose to be a sub-plot to this movie about a conspiracy. Perhaps the super bowl trailer can shed a little light on this.

Cloverfield 3/God Particle is rumored to show off the first trailer. Ever since my last post, there have been more rumors and whispers going around. For starters, apparently there are talks of bringing the third Cloverfield movie to Netflix instead of a theatrical release. It has been confirmed that Netflix wanted to talk to Paramount, but it isn't confirmed if this is about bringing the Cloverfield series to Netflix or perhaps something else. Also, there was a supposed "leak" of the new title, Cloverfield Station. This leak was found by a redditor that happened to stumble on the title when browsing through one of the crew members on LinkedIn where he credited "Cloverfield Station" as one of the projects he worked on. It seems like on one hand that it is a "leak", but on the other hand it could very well just be a temporary title. For now, all that is known is that it is about a group of astronauts that are sent to space to build a bigger Large Hadron Collider and they accidentally made Earth disappear and also time travel is involved in some way. On a semi-unrelated note, apparently Cloverfield 4 is already finished filming under the title Overlord. It is said to take place on the day before D-Day and the story concentrates on a group of American para-troopers that landed behind enemy lines to infiltrate a nazi occupied village only to find themselves fighting against supernatural forces. It is speculated that zombies are the main focus for Cloverfield 4 and is said to be released later this year.

So those are the monster films that people expect to see during the super bowl, but how about ones that we don't really expect. I can see Pacific Rim: Uprising making an unexpected drop since the movie comes out next month. Even though we just got a new trailer last month, I don't see the harm in showing another really soon to get people jump on the hype train. I can even see RAMPAGE dropping during the super bowl as well for the same reason. At the same time, it is just my wishful thinking since those are the two movies that I am most excited for. What are your thoughts? Are you excited for any of these movies? If so, which ones? Will you be watching the super bowl tomorrow or are you going to wait until all the trailers are on YouTube? Make sure to leave a comment and bookmark my page to stay up to date for more movie related news and reviews. I will see you next time.

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