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The word "Kaiju" is a Japanese word that means strange or unusual creature. In other words, it means monster. You probably heard this word in the movie, Pacific Rim, or perhaps you are a long time fan of Japanese monster films such as Godzilla or Gamera and used this word to describe a specific genre of movies. In these movies, they generally have a message or metaphor for a specific theme mainly about people's misuse of nuclear energy or global warming.


The Kaijuologist is someone who studies monsters from movies, books, etc. and what they represent. In this blog, we will explore all types of monsters, themes, metaphors, and a review of the movie or other media that they were introduced. Reviews will be based on my own opinions. It may come agreeing with most people's opinions and it may not. When I do my reviews, I always try to find some pros and cons of the film, book, etc. No form of medium is perfect. I also like to give some information on the subjects before I do my reviews. They're like little "Did You Know" kinds of info.

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