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Godzilla: King Of The Monsters Trailer 2 Reaction

The second trailer for Godzilla: King Of The Monsters is now online on YouTube and after watching it over and over I have to say I am kind of underwhelmed. It was not as great as the first trailer, but I don't think any other trailers for this movie in the future will be as emotionally driven as the first trailer. This was a more typical movie trailers that you usually see.

What I loved about the trailer is that it still keeps details about the story vague. We do see Thomas Middleditch and Ken Watanabe testifying at the U.S. Senate as to why we need Godzilla and Sally Hawkins mentioning King Ghidorah as a rival to Godzilla and they would be fighting for dominance. However, that is all the new info on the story. If you put together the pieces from the first trailer and the second trailer I think you get the idea of how this is going to turn out. I am afraid that from here on out any other movie trailers for Godzilla: King Of The Monsters will get more and more spoiler heavy. I was honestly afraid of that because I did not want any surprises to be shown. Now, that looks to be unavoidable. If there are any surprises left, I would rather see it on the big screen on opening day rather than in a movie trailer.

I liked that the trailer showed a couple new monsters, but hardly any detail to really go on as to what they are. I was thinking the one with the bug legs protruding out of the ground was a scorpion and the other shown rising from a hillside was some sort of large turtle. Yet, they could be anything. What I also liked was seeing Mothra in action and I am starting to like Mothra's new design after watching the trailer. One last thing that I did like was how they showed the monsters sizing each other up before the fights began. King Ghidorah looks so intimidating that even Godzilla was backing away from him. They are going to look so amazing when the movie comes out in theaters.

My final thoughts on the second trailer is that it was only okay. I was hoping that it wouldn't spoil some of the movie like how the first trailer didn't spoil much of the movie. What bothers me is that this took almost two weeks to finally show up online and almost everything just gets dumped on us. I'm afraid that this will turn out like Pacific Rim: Uprising where everything is spoon fed before the movie is released. Just in case if this is true, I am going to steer clear away from future movie trailers for this movie.

What did you think of the second Godzilla: King Of The Monsters trailer? Did you enjoy it or did did you not enjoy it? Leave your thoughts in the comment section and make sure to follow me on my Facebook page and Twitter for more Godzilla news, reviews, and discussions.

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