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"Godzilla Minus One" OFFICIALLY NOMINATED For Oscar In Best VFX Category

Ever since Godzilla Minus One first released in America, the movie has been on a winning streak. It broke box office expectations having had reached $100 million+ globally and the movie was made on a budget of $10 million, which was recently revealed last week. A movie with such a small budget was highly praised by both fans, general audiences, and critics alike as one of the best movies of 2023 next to other movies such as Oppenheimer and The Creator. When people heard that Godzilla Minus One was on the list of potential nominees for an Oscar in the Best VFX category fans kept a close eye as the list of nominees got shorter. Today, the Oscars has announced their official nominees in this category and made it official: Godzilla Minus One is nominated for an Oscar in the Best VFX category.

Other nominees include:

  • The Creator

  • Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 3

  • Mission Impossible: Dead Reckoning Part 1

  • and Napoleon

In all honesty, I am not holding my hopes up for Godzilla Minus One to win the award. I think Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 3 has a higher chance of winning because the Oscars are usually rigged to have certain movies win out of bias. On top of that, I did not think the movie had the greatest of visuals. There were times the movie looked like a cut scene from a video game, but for the budget it had the movie's visual effects were outstanding and it had many people question Hollywood needing such overblown budgets of $200-$500 million.

Toho Co. accepts Oscar nomination

If it were up to me, Godzilla Minus One should have been nominated in the Best International Feature category since this movie was given such high regards for being one of the best films of 2023. Instead, the films nominated in that category are:

  • The Teachers' Lounge (Germany)

  • Io Capitano (Italy)

  • Perfect Days (Japan)

  • Society of the Snow (Spain)

  • and The Zone of Interest (United Kingdom)

I am not sure how well known these movies are in America as I have not seen anybody talk about them. However, having Godzilla Minus One nominated in this category would really raise the movie's chance at winning an award since this and The Boy and the Heron were the only international films that were highly praised and talked about. Overall, how many Godzilla movies can you look at and say that movie had beaten two of Disney's movies that year. How many movies can one say that Godzilla movie had the best human characters out of any movies in the franchise. Originally, only one Godzilla movie has been regarded as being having the best story and characters and it was always the original 1954 movie. Now, we have Godzilla Minus One to look at and say, "You see, human characters do matter in a monster movie. This is why human characters are so important. This is why story is much more important than just monster fights."

The up-side is that if Godzilla Minus One does win in this category, then it would be the first Godzilla film to win an Oscar, ever. We have seen Godzilla movies get nominated for an Oscar and saw many films win awards in many critic's choice awards, but never win an Oscar. So it would be a first for the franchise. So far, Godzilla Minus One has won awards in these award ceremonies:

  • Austin Film Critics Association – Best International Film

  • Chicago Film Critics Association – Best Use of Visual Effects

  • Chicago Indie Critics Awards – Best Visual Effects

  • Denver Film Critics Society Awards – Best Non-English Language Feature and Best Scifi/Horror

  • DiscussingFilm Critic Awards – Best Visual Effects

  • Florida Film Critics Association Awards – Best Visual Effects

  • Georgia Film Critics Society Awards – Best International Film

  • Hawaii Film Critics Society Awards – Best Scifi Film

  • Hochi Film Awards – Best Director

  • and many more.

Furthermore, it would prove that Hollywood does not need such high budgets to make movies good. In fact, a lot of Hollywoods' movies now look subpar when put next to Godzilla Minus One. Everything in Hollywood heavily uses CGI and very little scenes are shot on location. Even sets for most Hollywood films are just giant green screens now. While Godzilla Minus One uses green screens, as well, most of the movie uses practical sets and are filmed on location. The only scenes that are CG are scenes when Godzilla attacks. Will it affect how Hollywood will make their movies in the future? No, it won't affect anything for Hollywood, but a voice would be loud enough for Hollywood to get the message.

Seeing as people are going to the theaters a lot less each year due to inflation of ticket prices and convenience there would really have to be a movie that people would want to go see in theaters. Otherwise, people are more than willing to wait for the movie to come to a streaming service. Why pay money for a movie that looks sub-par and over budget when they can go see a movie with a smaller budget with decent visuals and story?

What are your thoughts on Godzilla Minus One getting nominated for an Oscar? Do you think the movie will win the award? Leave a comment in the comments section of your thoughts on the movie's nomination. Make sure to follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Minds, MeWe, Gab, and TRUTH Social to stay up to date for more news, reviews, and discussions.

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