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"Monarch" Gets Second Season & More Spinoffs Confirmed

Following the financial success of Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire, there was no doubt the Monsterverse would continue. As of writing this post, the movie has made $365 million worldwide in just two weeks and projected to make an estimate of $500-$600 million at the end of the movie's theatrical run. While we await for announcements for a sequel other Monsterverse news has dropped from Legendary on the TV side announcing a second season for Monarch: Legacy of Monsters as well as more spinoff shows coming to Apple TV+.

This announcement was made on social media in the form of a video posted by Apple TV showing a montage of different scenes from the show and then ending with show's title card with "season 2" attached.

"Monarch: Legacy of Monsters" season two announced by Legendary Entertainment and Apple TV

Morgan Wandell, head of international development for Apple TV+, commented in regards to the announcement. "Monarch: Legacy of Monsters has left an inedible imprint on the hearts, minds, and imaginations of audiences around the world, led by the brilliance of Chris, Matt, Kurt, Wyatt, and the incredibly gifted talented cast and creative team. We couldn't be more excited for viewers to not only have the chance to experience even more thrills in season two, but to embark on epic, new journeys in the franchise, as we expand on Legendary's Monsterverse."

While the premise for season two is still unknown, the show ended with our protagonists being rescued by APEX on a very rainy Skull Island. The show could very well take place where the first season ended with our protagonists trying to survive on and escape Skull Island. The creative team behind the show also had interest in bringing a Toho monster in the show, but decided against it for the first season. Maybe in this second season we may get to see a monster from Toho's roster make an appearance.

Could Kong be the main focus in season two?
Kong in "Monarch: Legacy of Monsters"

We should also consider the fact that the show could be heading towards the events of Godzilla: King of the Monsters in season two. So I can see the show having hints to Monarch discovering Rodan, Mothra, and King Ghidorah in this season.

What I am curious about is what other projects Legendary and Apple TV have in mind and where they can go with the Monsterverse. Will these spinoffs have any connections to a sixth movie? Will they be live action or animated?

I know that there has been an off and on push for a project called "Monarch: G-Team," an animated show which actor O'Shea Jackson Jr. has been trying to get Legendary Entertainment to green light. The show would follow his character, Chief Warrant Officer Barnes, and his crew of monster hunters built by Monarch called G-Team to explore and contain newly found Titans. His idea also focuses on introducing a heavy roster of Toho monsters such as Biollante, the Gargantuas, and Gigan.

I just find it exciting that Legendary has plans for more shows, in general. It shows just how well the Monsterverse is doing, which is a lot better than what anybody has expected. To get a season two of Monarch: Legacy of Monsters and more spinoff shows for Apple TV tells me that there is enough confidence to keep the Monsterverse going for another few more years. Maybe, just maybe, we could see Toho Co. making their own show for the Monsterverse. I would love to see Toho Co. take on that kind of task. Toho Co. has more or less been the executive studio giving the okay on these projects. Yet when Monarch: Legacy of Monsters went into production, they got more involved than usual with the production of the show. And when we look back at Takashi Yamazaki's Godzilla Minus One, the Monsterverse was one of his big inspirations for his movie and he expressed how much of a fan he is of the franchise. So I would like to see Toho Co. stamp their own mark on the franchise whether that is in the form of a show or a movie.

What are your thoughts on this announcement? Are you excited for Monarch: Legacy of Monsters getting a season two? What are your hopes for future Monsterverse shows? Leave a comment in the comments section of your thoughts on these announcements. Make sure to follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Minds, MeWe, Gab, and TRUTH Social to stay up to date for more news, reviews, and discussions.


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