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Godzilla vs Kong Cinema Expo Clip Description Revealed?

I reported a couple days ago that there was news of a clip from Godzilla vs Kong was shown at Cinema Expo last week. The report didn't go into any detail about the clip other than it was short, some parts of the CGI needed to be polished, and that people liked it overall. Now, we got a supposed description of what was in that clip. This description was originally posted by @The_LordOfSalem on Twitter and then Gormaru Island minutes later.

As we usually take leaks, we take everything that comes from word of mouth with a grain of salt. However, the difference this time is that this description actually has some evidence to be true. I will talk about why I think that this description might be real. If it's true, then spoilers for those that don't want anything revealed until the trailer arrives. The description goes as followed:

"With a somber tone, the footage opens with Alexander Skarsgard's character entering an ominous glacier-like temple fortress. Thunder and lightning crackle and crash across the high heavens above with the footage now laying sight upon a raging chain-bound King Ghidorah, with the tyrant shown to be bound to the surrounding fortress, while also being surrounded by (unidentified) troops.

A voice narrates an impending war. Footage cuts to a dejected Kyle Chandler, then shifts to the site of Maddison despairing and in tears. The footage then shifts upon a restless ocean coast overcast by a biblical thunderstorm. From the restless ocean coast, Kong rises from a half sunken aircraft carrier and while doing so finds his glare met by Godzilla. A moment passes, and then Kong decides to attack.

The two titans clash, their battle trampling over a warship of scattering troops. Kong exhibits a prowess of agility and speed, and lands a square hit onto Godzilla, Godzilla, in feedback to Kong's attack, remains firm and expressively unfazed. In response, Godzilla replies with an attack of his own and sends Kong flying."

Just to note, this was the description that Gormaru Island reported. They mainly polished up the original post, but it is still @The_LordOfSalem's description based on several people this guy has talked to that attended Cinema Expo. He even states on another post that the people that saw the clip hardly remember watching it. All they really remember is the scene of Godzilla and Kong fighting. So this description may not even be 100% accurate. Also, know that CGI is still being polished. Whatever is happening in the clip could turn out differently in the final product. The only part of the clip that had finished CGI was the fight scene, which brings me to the evidence that this could also be real.

Unlike other leaks there is a bit of evidence for this description that could make it true. My piece of evidence to support this description is an image from last December. If you recall, there was an image of the production crew gathered for a group photo at Oahu, Hawaii and announcing they wrapped up filming in time for Christmas break. In the photo, there is an image of Kong throwing a punch at Godzilla. That image we see above is very similar to the fight scene in the description. We see a few crew members fleeing from the scene and Kong throwing a punch at Godzilla just like in the description. It even looks like this is all taking place on a ship of some sort.

In my opinion, I think the fight scene is true, but I am going to stay skeptical on everything else. There really is not much to go on other than the picture to make a claim that this is true or not. We can make speculations on how Ghidorah got chained to a fortress and, again, there really is not much to base our speculation until we get a trailer.

What do you guys think of the Godzilla vs Kong Cinema Expo clip description? Do you think this is real or are you going to wait until the trailer drops? Leave a comment in the comment section on your thoughts on the Cinema Expo clip description. If you would like to support my blog, click on the donate button at the top of the page. Make sure to follow me on my Facebook and Twitter pages to stay up to date for more news, reviews, and discussions.

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