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I Met A Demon On The Tokyo Subway

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By u/lifeisstrangemetoo

Narrated by NaturesTemper

This story is a retelling of something that happened to me when I was seven years old. As the years have gone by and I’ve grown up, I’ve realized that the story cannot possibly be true, yet I can’t shake the feeling that it is.

It happened in Tokyo, in the subway station. I was standing with my father when I saw the demon, a monstrously tall and furry creature with leathery black wings and a snout like an anteater. I must have stared at him for close to ten minutes before he finally spoke, in a soft mutter that was clearly intended for his ears only.

“This human is creeping me out,” he said. “It almost looks like it’s looking right at me.”

“I am looking right at you,” I said.

The demon nearly jumped out of his skin. “You can see me?” he asked.

“Yes. Can’t everybody?”

“Not unless they’re in the fifth dimension.”

“Am I in the fifth dimension?” I asked.

“Your mind must have slipped over here by mistake. What were you thinking about before you saw me?”

I thought for a moment, and then grinned.


“Oh, well trains are the link between our dimensions. I guess your mind must have just wandered over here. Either that or you’re going crazy.”

“I hope I’m not going crazy,” I said.

“Being crazy is a good thing in the fifth dimension,” the demon replied.

I laughed.

“Do you have subway lines in the fifth dimension?” I asked.

“Of course,” he said. “How else would we get to work?”