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Jurassic Park III Review

The Spinosaurus animatronic weighed 12 tons. This made it the largest animatronic ever built.

Jurassic Park and The Lost World author, Michael Crichton, worked with screenwriters for several days brainstorming ideas for a story. Crichton left after failing to come up with any satisfactory ideas.

The Raptors refusing to abandon their young came from the research of paleontologist, Jack Horner. Horner is also the inspiration for Sam Neill's character, Alan Grant, and he also consulted on all three Jurassic Park movies.


Couple years after the incident in San Diego, Alan Grant and his assistant, Billy, are hired by the Paul and Amanda Kirby to help search for their lost son on Isla Sorna after a parasailing tour goes terribly wrong.

I don't remember a whole lot when I went to see Jurassic Park III in theaters other than that another movie was coming out. I have seen a lot of dislike towards the movie, but are they justifiable?

The story of Jurassic Park III does not really expand anything or does anything new with the series. The whole movie looks very rushed and it is obvious that it was meant to be a quick cash grab. The aim for Jurassic Park III was to come up with a bigger and meaner dinosaur than the T-Rex and the Velociraptors. The Spinosaurus was thought to be that answer, but proved otherwise when it was met with outrage by fans. I will get to the Spinosaurus, but I will save that part for last. Other than that, there was no clear aim of where they wanted to go with this movie's story. It was obvious that they didn't have any ideas or books this time to go on since there were no more books. Even though Michael Crichton was there with the screenwriters to brainstorm ideas, he left because even he couldn't come up with a good idea. So a third movie was a bad idea from the start if they couldn't come up with a good story idea for the movie. There were even scenes in the movie that were slapped on there for no reason. One of those scenes that I find humorous is the nightmare scene where Dr. Grant wakes up from his nap to see a Velociraptor calling his name. While I did chuckle it was because of how out of place it was. In fact, a lot of the movie seems to have forced humor that just falls flat because of how ridiculously idiotic the scenes are. The last complaint is that there is no antagonist in the movie. Usually, there is one person that has some alternate motive. The closest to a bad guy character was Dr. Grant's assistant, Billy, which he stole the eggs of Velociraptors so he can sell them at a high price to fund for a couple more Summers at their excavation site. Dr. Grant was livid when he found out, but in the end Billy was not a true antagonist. His motives did not affect the plot other than to have an excuse for the Velociraptors to chase them. Also, is it just me or is there a lot of necks being snapped in this movie? T-Rex, Udesky (played by Michael Jeter), even that random mercenary had their necks snapped whether it was from the Spinosaurus or the Velociraptors. That is not physically possible for any of them to do even if these dinosaurs aren't scientifically accurate.

Dr. Alan Grant, Paul Kirby, Amanda Kirby, and Billy Brennan