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Letter To The Snyder Fans

Dear Snyder Cut Fans,

Ever since February 14th, your group have been on a war path with almost every community including fans of Godzilla vs Kong. Please stop bothering us. Not all of us gives a damn about your Justice League remake. By bad mouthing our movie, it only makes you look like a fool.

In fact, just by how you [the Snyder fans] present yourselves it makes people turn AWAY from your movie rather than be excited for it. On top of that, you have to give somebody like me a reason to sit through a 4 hour movie. And when I say "people like me" I mean people that are not fans of DC movies. You need to provide reasons to the general audience as to why they need to see your movie. By bad mouthing another franchise, it just makes people not want to see your movie.

For instance, the reason why I believe people should watch Godzilla vs Kong are:

  • an epic rematch of the two most well known monsters in cinema history

  • the fights will be more brutal than the original 1962 movie

  • more monsters for Godzilla and Kong to fight

  • more story/lore for Godzilla and Kong

  • a possible Godzilla/Kong team up to fight against a bigger threat

  • and there will be a winner at the end and not a copout tie like in Batman V Superman.

Those are my reasons why I think people should see Godzilla vs Kong. I have not seen anyone else give any reasons why I should see Zack Snyder's Justice League outside of "It is made by Zack Snyder…", "Zack Snyder is a genius…", "Zack Snyder is…", "Batman V Superman made more money than Godzilla: King of the Monsters," and so on. You are only giving me reasons why I should be sucking on Zack Snyder's dick rather than why I should see this movie and for the record I do not see Zack Snyder as the greatest director you make him out to be.

This is not me hating on the guy. If you want my opinion, I liked Man of Steel. I honestly thought that was a good Superman movie and I was really hoping for a sequel to that movie. However, plans were changed just to make a very sloppy and rushed cinematic universe just to catch up with Marvel. I don't even consider the Monsterverse to be on par with Marvel, but in my opinion the Monsterverse has brought better movies to the table than the DCEU has. I do have my own criticisms about the Monsterverse such as Godzilla vs Kong should have come before Godzilla: King of the Monsters chronologically because I, too, have my doubts about how Godzilla vs Kong will be perceived by the general audience.

On the other hand, I also try to be positive of what the Monsterverse series was able to give me and the fans. Ever since GODZILLA (98), none of us would ever believe that America would try making another Godzilla movie let alone an actual movie series. If the Monsterverse ended with just the four movies (Godzilla (14), Kong: Skull Island, Godzilla: King of the Monsters, and Godzilla vs Kong) then I would be happy with just those four. To me, I would consider that a triumph. I would rather have four great movies rather than a bunch of sloppy movies with a couple of good movies mixed in.

If you're excited for Zack Snyder's Justice League then more power to you. I hope that your movie does well. However, I find it really sad that you feel so threatened by Godzilla vs Kong considering they're both being released by Warner Bros. It is especially silly to even worry about which movie is going to attract more people and more money in this day and age where not many people are going to the movie theaters anyways. So I am asking the Snyder fans to go back and stay in your corner. Stop bothering us and other communities just because we're not as excited for your movie as you are. If you want us to be excited for your movie, present yourselves differently and give us actual reasons why I should watch your movie.


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