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New Cave Painting Image For Godzilla: King Of The Monsters

Ever since Saturday, we got a lot of news and pictures coming from the L.A. Comic Con with Godzilla Aftershock, but there were others that were revealed for Godzilla: King Of The Monsters. I sort of held back on these reveals because the panel did say that these images were coming soon on to the Monarch Sciences website and I thought it would be better to wait until then so we can take a closer at the higher quality images instead of the stocky images from the panel. I will continue waiting for those images, but this one we can sort of dive in and break apart what we can find.

Starting off, this looks very much like the cave painting revealed in the post credits scene of Kong: Skull Island. From the Skull Island cave painting, it showed that Godzilla's battle against Ghidorah caused death and destruction. In this new cave painting, we see what looks like the beginning of that same battle. Godzilla and Ghidorah have been duking it out for many generations. Even Mothra joins in the fight as shown in the top left corner of the picture. This basically confirms what we already assume to happen, which is Mothra and Godzilla teaming up in Godzilla: King Of The Monsters. Taking a closer look, we can even see people in the cave painting fighting against Ghidorah. There are different types of warriors fighting in this cave painting such as archers, some with spears, and even archers riding on horseback.

Last thing we see are the four researchers observing the cave painting. What was that? You only see three? Then why does the second person on the left have a third leg and the right shoulder looking bigger than the left shoulder? From what I am guessing, these two people are most likely Farmiga's and Brown's characters, Emma and Madison Russell, since one figure looks shorter than the other figure. If that is the case, then who are the other two people? They could be just random researchers, but it could also be Dr. Serizawa and his assistant, Dr. Vivienne Graham.

There are more pictures to come. I am just waiting until they appear on the website instead of using the low quality snap shots from the panel. For now, this is all I have to show for the time being. So make sure you stay tune on that and more Godzilla updates by following me on my Facebook page. Also, leave a comment on your thoughts of the cave painting and if there is anything I missed. I will see you guys next time.

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