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New Godzilla Movie Announced For Next Year And My Thoughts On The Two Godzilla Short Films

Updated: Nov 3, 2022

Happy Godzilla Day, everyone! I hope all of you got the chance to check out the livestream for GodzillaFest, last night. If not, no worries. I will be going over the important stuff that was revealed at GodzillaFest and will be giving my thoughts on the two Godzilla short films: Godzilla vs Gigan Rex and GodzillaFest 3: Gigan Attacks. There is a lot of stuff to go over, so let's jump right in to it.


To start off Godzilla Day, we got our first teaser and release date for the Godzilla DLC for Passion Games' kaiju brawler GigaBash. The teaser begins with showing a city in flames and rubble scattered on the ground. Then we see Godzilla with his back turned and dorsal fins charging up for an attack. Then we get the end card with "GigaBash X Godzilla" and the release date for December 9th. The design of Godzilla the game will be going with is the Heisei design since it is the most popular design of the monster. I could be wrong, but I think the design that it is based on is one from Godzilla vs Biollante. On the other hand, it could be from Godzilla vs King Ghidorah or Godzilla and Mothra: The Battle for Earth.

Now, there is apparently more open slots open according to Gormaru Island. The most popular choices fans are clamoring for are Gamera, Zilla (Godzilla 98), and King Ghidorah. If there are more invitations open to more fighters then King Ghidorah would be the most likely choice for another monster DLC.

S.H. MonsterArts Gigan:

The next announcement is the S.H. MonsterArts Gigan (1972) figure by Bandai Tamashii Nations. As with last year's event for Hedorah, the event is to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Godzilla vs Gigan. To commemorate the occasion, Tamashii Nations revealed an action figure of Gigan. There is no other info on the figure, at this time of writing. All I have to say is that the prototype looks awesome. If I were to guess, I can see this figure only coming with a flight stand since it didn't have a beam in the original movie.

New Godzilla Film Coming Next Year: