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News Round UP: Total Film Article Breakdown, CinemaCon 2019, And More

This has been quite a week with some Godzilla news as more details for Godzilla: King Of The Monsters came to light in Total Film's article, "GODZ AND MONSTERS." There are some spoilers in the article, but I will not be covering those parts so you guys can go into this movie without having to know every detail.

Also, it looks as though there are some political stuff sneaking its way into this movie to try and stir up controversy. It's not as bad as Captain Marvel's Brie Larson and her radical politics. Honestly, this one could almost be brushed under the rug. It has to do with SyFy Wire posting an article about Vera Farmiga mentioning how this Godzilla movie may be the first to pass the Bechdel Test. More details on that in a moment.

Then, there is news from NECA on the release dates for the Godzilla 2019 figures. Lastly, Godzilla is stomping his way to CinemaCon on April 2nd.

Breaking Down Total Film's Article:

The latest issue from the magazine, Total Film, was dropped last week. This latest issue gives more details about Godzilla: King Of The Monsters in the magazine's article "GODZ AND MONSTERS" as well as new pictures from the movie. There is not a whole lot of new info. Most of the article is what we knew already such as Michael Dougherty's love for Godzilla and the franchise. Yet there are some interesting tidbits and there is info that goes into spoiler territory, which I will not be covering.

One of the interesting pieces of info is how the monsters were designed. They looked back at the old Godzilla films and used that as the base to make a check list. Then, they looked at various animals for each monster and based them around those. For Godzilla, it was pretty easy for them to redesign since all he really needed to do was bring back his classic dorsal plates and other touch ups of their own by looking at komodo dragons and other lizards.

For Rodan, Dougherty looked at dinosaur fossils and vultures for inspiration of designing the monster.

When it came to Mothra, her design is based on culminations of moths, wasps, and mantises.

Ghidorah was the toughest one to design since the monsters anatomy is so strange. However, they looked to snakes (mainly cobras) for inspiration on how Ghidorah moves and as well as wolves and wolf packs.

When it comes to how Godzilla: King Of The Monsters has been marketed, there is no denying that there are some religious contexts and undertones from the bible. And the bible was where Dougherty got the idea for the marketing. He found an old bible he had when he was a kid and he remembered scribbling Godzilla in that bible. This is why we saw quotes from the Book of Revelation posted when the character posters for Rodan, Mothra, and Ghidorah popped up online. This is why in the movie's early marketing campaign it described Ghidorah when found in Antarctica as the devil having three heads or how Mothra's bioluminescent lights were called "God Rays." A lot of the marketing for the movie is using themes from Christianity and Catholicism for inspiration and it meshes really well with the tone set for this movie.