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R.I.P. Haruo Nakajima (1929 - 2017)

In my original post on Blogger, I didn't really have anything written. All there was was the picture that you see before you. Back then, I just thought that the title was enough. However, there should have been something said on here at least to show my appreciation for the actor. If I were to have said something back then, I think that this is what I would have said.

Nakajima is one of the most recognized actors in the Godzilla fandom and to know that he past away is really heart breaking. As some of you may know, Nakajima is the original suit actor that played Godzilla in the original movies. As fans, I think we should take a moment and say a prayer for his family and to thank him for bringing Godzilla to life. I think without him we would not get the movies that we all came to love and enjoy. So thank you Mr. Nakajma for giving the fans many memories with your movies and may you rest in peace.

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