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Review: PlayMates Toys 11" Giant Kong

Welcome back to all of you kaiju collectors! This will be the last toy review of the week (hopefully) featuring PlayMates Toys second Godzilla vs Kong toy release: Giant Kong. Ever since NECA had announced the license expiring in mid-August, PlayMates Toys had seen a lot of hate for not making collector quality figures. This Kong figure was released next to PlayMates other 11" figure: Giant Godzilla, which also saw a lot of hate from collectors. However, does the 11" Giant Kong toy deserve the hate or is it all steam? Let's take a look and find out.


The packaging for the PlayMates Toys Giant Kong comes in the same open box the Giant Godzilla figure also came in. On the front of the box, we have the "new" banner and logo for Godzilla vs Kong, the Monsterverse logo, the "Giant Kong" label, and the companies associated with the movie and merchandise. On the left side of the box, we have another version of the same logo seen on the front of the box.

On the back of the box, we can see the movie's synopsis on the top right, the concept art of Godzilla and Kong fighting on top of an aircraft carrier plastered in the middle, the website for PlayMates Toys and where to follow the movie on social media on the bottom left, and more logos on the bottom right. Lastly on the right side of the box, we see the Monsterverse logo and the "Giant Kong" label. Not many changes on this box other than the label.

I still dig the concept art. It has me very excited for the movie next year, even if Kong does look awkward in this picture with that butt sticking out while running towards Godzilla.

Sculpt, Paint, and Articulation:

In both pictures and in hand, Kong is really dark, but much darker in photos than in hand. In photos, he looks like he is painted all in black or a dark grey color while in hand the toy is actually just a really dark brown color. This actually makes it hard to see any details like Kong's fur and the wrinkles on Kong's face. They could have used some lighter tone paint like red and orange to make the fur stand out better or colored the bald spots like the face, chest, fingers, and toes a lighter brown color to contrast with his fur.

The eyes could've been a neatly applied better. The right eye has more orange than the left eye and the left eye has more black than the right eye. I'm not too happy with the disgruntled face on Kong. I think he needs to look angry like Godzilla is trespassing on his island and Kong could be roaring at him demanding to leave. That is the kind of face that PlayMates could have done. The scar on his chest looks fine. They're just three lines painted across his chest.

On the back of Kong, you will find screw holes. Nobody likes to see them. They're ugly looking. Luckily, Kong will be facing forward when displayed on a shelf or for pictures. So they're easily hidden from plain sight.

Articulation is very simple. The head, shoulders, hands, legs, and feet are all swivels. You can get him to look like he is having a stroll, but you won't get him to look like he is running since he can't hold his weight at all on one foot. So you're not going to get Kong in a lot of poses.

Size Comparison:

PlayMates Toys Giant Kong stands at 11" tall. Same size as the Giant Godzilla toy from PlayMates Toys. At first, I thought Kong would quarter of an inch taller, but after quick measure Godzilla is the one that is a tiny bit taller by an eighth of an inch. He is going to need some room on a shelf, but he isn't a space hog like Godzilla. If you have the NECA 12" Godzilla 2014 figure, you can have Kong displayed with him as well to make Kong look a little shorter if you want.

Final Thoughts:

PlayMates Toys Giant Kong is a little underwhelming even for a kids toy. Even the Giant Godzilla figure has a little more color with the blue dorsal fins and the brown nails. If you are expecting a highly detailed and highly articulated figures from PlayMates Toys, then you're not going to find it with them since PlayMates' main target customers are children. I don't recommend picking this up to any serious toy collector unless you know that this is not meant to be a collector's item and meant for kids to play with.

What are your thoughts on the Giant Kong figure? Do you like how it looks or do you think it looks ugly? Does PlayMates deserve all of the hate or do you think people are overreacting? Let me know in the comments in the comments section of your thoughts on PlayMates Toys Giant Kong. Make sure to follow me on my Facebook, Twitter, and Minds pages to stay up to date for more news, reviews, and discussions.

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