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Titanic Creations Gorgo Figure (Review)

Hello, kaiju collectors! It is that time again for another figure review! This time, I will be reviewing Gorgo made by Titanic Creations! Titanic Creations is an American based company that is usually known for making figures of original monsters such as Titanicus, Nosferadon, Skureaus, and Griffixis and making comics in a series called "Soul Wars." However, this is the first time TC is taking a stab at a monster based on a movie of the same name as well as their first attempt at making an articulated figure. Funding the production for Gorgo was backed on Kickstarter with goals adding a new accessory when each goal has been reached. Currently, this figure is no longer available for purchase, but TC is planning on a re-release next year. So it begs the question: Is this figure worth adding into your collection?

The Box:

To start off, Gorgo is going to come in this plastic box and the first thing you will notice on the front is a window showcasing the figure and the accessories. Then, you have an illustration of Dorkins Circus displaying Gorgo as the attraction. On the back of the box, there is an illustration of the mother Gorgo attacking London by comic artist and Godzilla fan, Matt Frank. Matt is mainly known for his Godzilla art designs, but he has done other artworks counting Transformers and Project Nemesis (both concept art and the comic book) and he is most recognized for his work on the comic book series Godzilla: Rulers of Earth by IDW. On the top and bottom, we have the logos for TC and Gorgo and nothing on the sides. Overall, I like the art on the box and the window displaying the figure inside, but not too crazy about the box itself being plastic. It feels flimsy and it just seems like it will easily warp over time in storage. So if you want to preserve the packaging, you will need to handle it with a little extra care.

Sculpt and Paint:

We move on to the main attraction, Gorgo… or should I say Ogra? In the movie, the giant monster we see attacking London is actually the mother monster called Ogra and Gorgo is actually the baby monster. So what we have here is an action figure of Ogra and Gorgo is the accessory. Weird how that turned out. Either way, the big mama looks nice and really detailed.

The paint is mostly matte, but it looks semi-glossy making mama Gorgo look wet in some areas. I don't really mind the figure being semi-glossy. It makes her look like she had just risen out of the ocean and made land fall ready to take on London in search of her baby. I don't see any scuff marks or paint bleeding on mine, which is a thumbs up in my book.

I really dig the sculpt looking as suit accurate as it can get. The design for Gorgo is done by digital artist DopePope on a program called ZBrush. He had to build the figure based on images of the monster that he can find and sculpt each piece digitally. It looks very accurate to the movie counterpart and I have no issues with how it looks.


Articulation is sort of a hit and miss on this figure. Considering this is the first articulated figure Titanic Creations has made, articulation is not bad at all. There are just some areas that could use some improvement.

You can move Gorgo's head up and down, the jaw can open and close, the arms and elbows can twist and turn, and the waist can twist and turn (no ab crunch though). Thighs can move in and out, knees can bend forward and back, the ankles have some rocking motion, the toes can bend, and the tail is nicely segmented.

I will say that playing with the toy feels a little awkward and restricted. It will not be able to hold as many poses as you may want it to. I would have liked for an ab crunch or some more mobility in the neck to look up and down. You will not get much articulation out of the tail due to how short it is, but it is fine for what this figure is going for, which is screen accuracy. The only other gripe I have with the tail is that the tip of the tail does like to fall off. Some collectors may not have an issue with it, but I find it annoying and maybe that joint can be tightened up more in a re-release.

Otherwise, for Titanic Creations first attempt at making an articulated figure they did a pretty good job with this. Some improvements can still be made, but I am happy with the figure they made.


When it comes to accessories, you get a lot that comes with the figure. However, there are a few that I do like, one I wish could be better, and one that I don't really care for.

Starting with the Big Ben, this clock tower is nicely detailed. It is mostly painted gold with blue-grey paint for the roof. There are scratch marks through out the figure and the top of the tower comes off. You can have Gorgo ripping it off or toppling over this tower just like in the movie, which is really neat and really cool.

Next is the alternate head, which at first glance you would think is the exact same as the regular head. There is a couple of differences though. The eyes on the alternate head are more red than the regular head and apparently it can glow in the dark. I cannot get mine to glow in the dark sadly. If there are some tips on how to get it to work I would appreciate it. I bet it looks really cool when it does glow. So I hope to come back and showcase that soon to give my thoughts on it.

Moving on, there is the baby Gorgo. It is the same as the main figure minus the articulation. For as small as the baby is it is really nicely detailed.

One of the cool, yet disappointing additions to this pack are the set planes that comes with the figure. They come with a stand and the planes are attached to a bendable wire. It looks really cool when you are able to display them, but that requires so much patience as the wires do topple over very easily and it does not hold the planes very well. The planes do look nice. Very simple with the silver and black. The stand, however, could be better and it is just too frustrating for me to fiddle with.

Lastly is this diving bell that the main characters use to dive to search for Gorgo exists. I could care less about this accessory. I don't really see a reason for this accessory other than to add another goal post when they were raising money to make this figure. They could have done a small cage for the tiny Gorgo figure or a display stand that read "GORGO" on it like on the box. But that this just me.


When it comes to size, Gorgo is going to be a little shorter than six inches. This is not a very big figure at all. This is a figure that will not hog your shelf either. You can get away with displaying this figure with any NECA or Hiya figures you may have in your collection, but not so much with S.H. MonsterArts.

Final Thoughts:

For a first time articulated figure, Titanic Creations has actually made a pretty good figure. Right now, this figure is no longer available, but they are planning on re-releasing this figure next year as according to the interview conducted by my friend James Sidoti. You can click here to check that out if you are interested. So if you are interested in picking this figure up, try following Titanic Creations on their Twitter and Facebook so you can stay tuned for updates on this re-release.

That is all for this review! I want to know what your thoughts are on Titanic Creations and Gorgo in this comments section. Were you able to snag this figure? If so, what are your thoughts on the figure? If not, are you planning on picking it up when it re-releases next year? Also, make sure to follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Minds, MeWe, Gab, and TRUTH Social to stay up to date for more news, reviews, and discussions.

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