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Book Review: PROJECT 731


PROJECT 731 is the third book of the Nemesis series and a follow up on what happened after ISLAND 731 and PROJECT MAIGO. This is where Jeremy Robinson starts making cross-overs with his other series of books. 

Months has passed since the monsters attacked Washington D.C. Jon Hudson, the director of the Department of Homeland Security's Paranormal sector, has adopted Maigo, the girl who was cloned after being murdered and was turned into the monster, Nemesis. Living with them are Ashley Collins, who is Hudson's girlfriend, Mark Hawkins, a former park ranger and a father of a chimera cat-girl named, Lilly, who was saved by Hawkins while they were stuck on Island 731. Together, they live a secluded peaceful life since Nemesis is dead...or is she? A new threat emerges as the Genetic Offense Directive (aka GOD) continues their experimentation after Island 731 was carpet bombed starting with the Big F!@$ing Spiders as they continuously evolve into the Tsuchi. The story is entertaining and I was kind of happy to see a follow up on what happened to the BFS after that cliff-hanger ending in ISLAND 731. On the other hand, after reading PROJECT MAIGO it didn't give me that same satisfaction. The first half of the story was slow and tedious to read. It was kind of like Godzilla 2014 where it just felt dragged on and didn't show Nemesis a whole lot. A lot of the story you will understand if you read ISLAND 731, but there is also part of the story where they explain the origins of Nemesis and it gets confusing unless you read Jeremy Robinson's book, RAISING THE PAST.

Nemesis is alive and has been sleeping for some time, but gets a disturbing wake up call after being stung so many times by the Tsuchi. Without Maigo to tell Nemesis what to do, she becomes more sadistic with how she handles the Tsuchi, but this also becomes a major drawback as she has no direction on how to fight. Like I previously mentioned, Nemesis does not get a whole lot of attention because after her first encounter with the Tsuchi, it decides to go hunt for them out of revenge and most of the time she is mentioned she is just running to her next destination until the last few chapters where the second round begins. Her origins are unveiled, but it references RAISING THE PAST and this is where I have to say that this is a hint for the next two Nemesis books that the author is most likely going to shove as much references of his books as he can and he does, but I will talk about that when I get to PROJECT HYPERION. Nemesis seemed like she only had a cameo in her own book.

The Tsuchi are back and I'm glad that this kind of ends the story of ISLAND 731, but not entirely though. They start off as the BFS and as soon as they get loose and latch themselves to Nemesis, they become the Tsuchi which is just a bigger version of the BFS, but with the same explosive growths that Nemesis has all over its body. Also, they have a special ability of stunning their prey with electricity when they bite. Later, they mutate further to standing upright and growing claws. These are the final boss monsters called the Mega Tsuchi. They have the same ability as the regular Tsuchi, now it has claws and can pin down their prey.

The characters were very boring. Jon and Maigo have more of an emotional connection than Ashley, Jon's girlfriend. Jon is still conflicted on his actions of passing judgement on Maigo's murderer by giving him up to Nemesis from the first book, which he should have moved on by now. The gripe Jon has should have been an issue made in PROJECT MAIGO since this is two books in. Ashley Collins is upset with Jon because he can't make up his mind on whether his decision was right or not and kind of bitches at him rather than being emotionally supportive. I could not care for these characters all that much.

PROJECT 731 is a nice ending to the ISLAND 731 story, but it is not really my favorite. PROJECT MAIGO seemed like to be the tipping point of this series and PROJECT 731 is the starting point of an oncoming slippery slope ahead. It starts off very slow, Nemesis only has a cameo in her own book, and there were not a whole lot of monster battles. The unveiling of Nemesis's origins is pretty neat, but it could have been more original instead of being another cross-over with the author's other book, RAISING THE PAST. Only read it if you want to know what happens after ISLAND 731 and don't expect a whole lot from this.

Thank you for the long wait. Expect the next review, PROJECT HYPERION, next week.

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