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PROJECT LEGION is the fifth and final book of the Nemesis series. Last week, I had such disdain for PROJECT HYPERION for having such sloppy story telling, forced and unnecessary cross-overs, and lazy creativity. So for PROJECT LEGION being the final book, I was hoping that the author would fix those problems. Does it fix the problems like I hoped? Is the story decent? Let's find out.

Taking place after the events of PROJECT HYPERION, Jon Hudson, the director of Homeland Security's paranormal division, must travel across multiple dimensions to ask more people for help before going forward in stopping the invasion. With the help of a Nazi killing cowboy with a Czech accent, a cyborg, a native American girl with the power to create golems and her sidekick, a time traveler, a man that can jump between two different realities, a jungle man, and the Ferox they join Jon with the rest of his original monster hunting group, including Nemesis, the Queen of Monsters, in stopping the invasion once and for all. The story itself is only okay at best. Before I get to the negatives, I want to discuss some positives first. I really liked how in each chapter you get a different perspective from different characters. It even tells you who the chapter is focusing on, which makes it easy to follow. For instance, when Jon was first traveling through the different universes asking for help, it dragged on for 5 chapters, but there are always a break in between chapters to concentrate on the other characters. With that, I was able to skip a couple of chapters and I was still able to know what was going on in the story. The negative side, well, the problems were still there. The story concentrates fully on this multiple universe idea and it beats me over the head over and over. The story just kept shoving down characters from other books I never read down my throat and expected me to know who they are. That's bullshit! Why be lazy and dump a bunch of characters that have no relation to each other rather than come up with new characters and expect me to know who they are?! Better yet, why not just write a better story all together?! The way the book ended felt cheap. While this is the last book, it should have ended with Nemesis finishing the final fight. While she sacrificed herself in saving the main characters, the fight was still not over resorting to one character that did not contribute much through out the whole book, which is the jungle man who only appeared in 3 or 4 chapters, to finish off the fight with the evil monster, Ashtaroth. I think this is just an ass pulled idea to give that character more to do other than just standing around doing nothing. If there is a character that does not contribute much to the story then why add him in the story in the first place?

All the monsters from the previous books are back for a royal rumble with three new monsters, G.U.S. (Gas bags of Unusual Size), Nemesis Neo-Prime, and Ashtaroth. The G.U.S. are these jelly-fish creatures that float in the sky and dump these human sized worms that spit acid. When the first one appeared over Tuscon, Arizona, Nemesis and Hyperion tried popping it and resulted in the G.U.S. exploding. The explosion could be compared to that of a nuke being dropped. Nemesis Neo-Prime is a newer version of what Nemesis originally was. It went through training and abuse from the Aeros to target its anger and hate towards the humans. Neo-Prime was a powerhouse of a monster that not even Nemesis could stop and it almost killed Mark's wife, Joliet, while she was controlling the monster, Drakon. Neo-Prime was defeated by Hyperion afterwards. Ashtaroth, the final monster to appear, was the biggest among all of the other monsters to appear in this series. It was a chimera of all the monsters that the main characters have encountered. It had tentacles for arms, a whip like tail, and a wide gaping mouth like a crocodile. The orange membranes on Ashtaroth has enough explosive power compared to a meteor hitting Earth on impact leaving a large crater. With the lack of creativity from book 4, these monsters were a lot better design wise and I was happy to see that at least something original came out of this book.

So is this book worth it? Unless you are truly dedicated in finishing the series, it is not worth it. PROJECT LEGION still had the same issues from PROJECT HYPERION such as too many cross-overs happening at the same time making the story hard to read. I highly recommend reading only PROJECT NEMESIS and PROJECT MAIGO. PROJECT 731 is optional, but PROJECT HYPERION and PROJECT LEGION should be avoided.

This is the end of my reviews for the Nemesis series. What are your thoughts on the books? Have you read them or planning on reading them? Make sure to leave a comment. Also, be sure to stay up to date on more reviews and discussions by bookmarking this blog.

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