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Boot To The Leg: Ready Player One MechaGodzilla Figure (Review)

Hello there, collectors! In this figure review, I will be taking a look at the mysterious MechaGodzilla figure from the movie, Ready Player One. Why do I say mysterious? Because this is a figure that can only be found on AliExpress and nobody knows who made this figure. However, there have been rumblings in the collection community that this figure uses an unused mold made by NECA. Based on the style and articulation for this MechaGodzilla figure it is definitely really close to how NECA’s makes their figures. But is it worth the purchase? Let’s find out.

Sculpt and Paint:

The sculpt of this MechaGodzilla figure is based on the MechaGodzilla from Ready Player One and it looks almost screen accurate. The rockets that are attached to the shoulders are not present in the movie and the fingers are more straight and stationary rather than looking more natural like in the movie. Another thing I noticed on mine is that the left foot is sort of warped, but nothing that a hair dryer can’t fix. Otherwise, this MechaGodzilla figure looks awesome. I do suggest that you be careful with handling the figure anywhere around the dorsal plates. They are very pointy and you can cut yourself.

When purchasing MechaGodzilla, there were three different variants in terms of paint. There were types A, B, and C. The type I got is type C, which has this dirty yellow paint that makes MechaGodzilla look worn down like it has just been in battle. I did find that the paint can come off when handled. It looks like there wasn’t any kind of sealant applied on the figure to prevent the paint from rubbing off. So that’s another thing to note when handling.


When it comes to articulation, RPO MechaGodzilla can hardly move at all. This is due to parts of the sculpting of the figure blocking the areas where the figure would benefit most when posing. The only parts of the figure that are really posable are the jaw, arms, hands, legs, knees, and feet. Other areas such as the head, neck, chest, and tail can’t move due the design of the figure. So you can get MechaGodzilla in a few poses, but you’re not going to get as many poses as you would like to.


By default, MechaGodzilla will come with two rockets that plugs on its shoulders. They look cool, but again it is not accurate to the movie version. In order to plug the rockets into the shoulders, you are gonna need to heat up the socket where the peg plugs into until the socket soft. You can do that with a hairdryer or with hot water.

Depending on which type you order, you may also have the option to include a breath effect part. It uses the same mold as the breath effects from NECA’s Godzilla figures, but with softer plastic material. So I expect this to warp over time. They come in two different colors, blue and yellow. I got the blue one just for the accuracy. It fits in MechaGodzilla’s mouth just fine, but since there is no plug to hold the breath effect part in place it will keep falling out of the mouth.

The last accessory is the box. The reason why I am claiming the box as an accessory is because if you just order the standard then the figure will be shipped without it. Yeah, that is really dumb to not include the box by default, so that is something to keep in mind if you decide to order this figure. It will say “Grim Dragon” all around the box and a chocking hazard label on the back of the box.

Size Comparison:

Here is a size comparison of the S.H. MonsterArts Godzilla (2019) and King Kong (2005), NECA Godzilla (2019), PlayMates Toys Kong w/ Battle Axe, and the S.H. MonsterArts MechaGodzilla (1974) and PlayMates Toys MechaGodzilla (2021) figures. As you can see, this figure measures around 8 inches tall. So it will require a little more shelf room than your standard 6 inch figures.

Final Thoughts:

Overall, Ready Player One MechaGodzilla is not the best MechaGodzilla figure. The sculpt looks nice, but it has a lot of issues with articulation being hindered by the sculpt. It will look nice on your shelf and nothing more. Furthermore, considering that this could have been a figure that NECA planned on making and was probably scrapped, it is not the best decision to purchase a figure from a third party seller that has no name attached to it. If you really want to support third party sellers, support Photon Collectibles on Facebook. They make their own figures using their own molds and their figures look really good.

What are your thoughts on the Ready Player One MechaGodzilla? Is this one of your favorite designs? Leave a comment in the comments section of your thoughts on this figure. Make sure to follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Minds, MeWe, and Gab to stay up to date for more news, reviews, and discussions.

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