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Breaking Down The Godzilla vs Kong Trailer

The day finally came, everyone! The days where we constantly "where is the trailer?" are over! The trailer for Godzilla vs Kong has finally dropped online and my reaction is of sheer excitement! I am ready for this movie! I have been ready for this movie since last year and I know all of you have been as well! There are a lot of things going on in the trailer that we see in front of us and there are a lot of things in the trailer that we missed happening in the background.

The trailer starts off with an explosion at a city with people running for their lives. What is causing these explosions? We don't know, but we do have a good idea who in the next shot. In the next shot, we see people fleeing for their lives. It is here where we spot our first glimpse of the perpetrator of the attack. If you look closer in the background you may spot our first glimpse of our pal, REDACTED. Yes, I am still keeping REDACTED because I don't want to reveal his identity just yet. This is only a glimpse of our friend and there is a scene that I will get to later. So that is my warning for spoilers. Anyways, it seems like it is rising from the ground. Could REDACTED be fighting Godzilla, Kong, or another monster and got knocked down? Maybe so. There is a lot more to speculate on REDACTED, but that will be saved for later.

As we see more people scrambling for safety, we hear Alexander Skarsgärd as Nathan Lind saying, "This is our only chance." Then, the trailer cuts to an overview of a fleet of naval ships transporting Kong off of Skull Island and Eiza González as Maya Simmons in a helicopter looking down on Kong chained up to an aircraft carrier. As we watch Kong's hand laying over the side, we hear Nathan again now saying, "We have to take it." This, to me, sounds like he was offered with something and Nathan is considering taking up the offer. But what kind of offer is up in the air. We then see Kong passed out on the aircraft carrier and then the logos for Warner Bros. and Legendary appears.

In the next shot, Kong is awake and curious about the chains that are holding him down and then we see Nathan Lind walking outside to see Kong. Next thing we hear Nathan say, "We need Kong…," then cuts to another shot of Nathan continuing his dialogue with, "The world needs him."

Then, we see fighter jets flying over the horizon and then Nathan mentions, "…to stop what's coming." Next shot then shows a little islander girl from the Iwi tribe offering her doll to Kong. Nathan goes on to explain, "This little girl is the only one he can communicate with…" while we see the little girl turn her head towards Rebecca Hall as Ilene Andrews.

Then, we learn that Nathan's dialogue was him talking to Ilene where she responds, "I know that they have a bond." As we see Ilene and this little girl bonding, Kong being calmed down by the little girl, Ilene continues, "She had nowhere to go, so I made a promise to protect her. I think that, in some way, Kong did the same." All of that is telling me two things. A) Kong basically adopted this girl as his own and two being that Kong or B) this girl has a psychic link to Kong that is similar to Mothra and her twin fairies. I want to go with choice "A" because that seems more logical, but if you look back at the credits for Godzilla: King of the Monsters, it does confirm that humans and monsters did have a telepathic link to each other. So choice "B" would probably be what is going on between Kong and the little Iwi girl.

Next scene, we hear what sounds like Godzilla's roar after the girl touches the wall of what I assume to be her room. We see what I assume to be the commander of the battleship looking outside to see Godzilla's dorsal plate rising out of the water and slicing the battleship in half. Then, jets start flying in to attack Godzilla and Godzilla swats them down with his tail. Everyone is shocked, especially with Kong. Kong looks down in the water seeing Godzilla getting closer, takes his stance and tries to intimidate Godzilla by roaring at him, but then Godzilla breaches and knocks Kong down. This scene here is where something is up with Godzilla. He is not acting like his usual self. He is acting more like the Godzilla from the Japanese movies where he doesn't care about the military or anyone for that matter.

Next shot we see is Godzilla diving out of the water, landing on the aircraft carrier, gets up and round one begin with Kong throwing the first punch into Godzilla's face. Kong shoves Godzilla back into the water, Godzilla fires his atomic breath underneath the aircraft carrier, Kong makes a break for it, and then Godzilla swims off.

Warning: This is where I reveal a big spoiler. Stop here if you don't want any spoilers.

Next we see Demián Bichir as Walter Simmons, whom looks old enough to be Maya's father, but I could be wrong. We see Walter and he says, "These are dangerous times," and then we see Shun Oguri as Ren Serizawa, which he looks happy with something and I think he has something to do with REDACTED. If look at the screen behind Ren, you can see a little more detail of REDACTED's body as well as the screen saying, "PRIMARY SYSTEMS: MAXIMUM CHARGE". Perhaps a clue to REDACTED's identity? Alright, I will reveal it. REDACTED is MechaGodzilla. I think most of you know by now that MechaGodzilla will be in the movie and I think it is time to retire the REDACTED name. Getting back on track, I think this is where we start to piece together that maybe Godzilla is being set up or influenced some how. Maybe MechaGodzilla disguised itself as Godzilla to frame Godzilla as the bad guy or maybe MechaGodzilla has a built in ORCA system commanding Godzilla to attack. We don't know the full details behind MechaGodzilla, but MechaGodzilla being in the movie is proof that perhaps Godzilla is not as much of a villain that the trailer is making him look to be.

Kyle Chandler as Mark Russell stammers into a tent frustrated and confused by Godzilla's behavior. If you look closer at the screen behind Mark you can see that Godzilla is in Florida and then we see more of Godzilla (or MechaGodzilla in disguise) attacking the military.

The next shot shown is a map that marks every facility owned by APEX Cybernetics. It is showing a pattern that Godzilla is attacking APEX's facilities out of retaliation.

Next, we see Millie Bobby Brown as Madison Russell and Julian Dennison as Josh Valentine in a storm chaser van exclaiming something must be provoking Godzilla and then cuts to them with Brian Tyree Henry as Bernie Hayes saying he agrees.

For the rest of the trailer, there are a lot of action scenes. Kong is swinging around one Warbat into another Warbat that was slithering towards Kong and Godzilla and Kong getting ready to fight another round. We do hear Ilene say that the myths were real, there was a war that happened, and Godzilla and Kong are the last ones standing. This could be that while Kong and Godzilla are finishing what their ancestors started years ago, Ilene is hinting that the monster war could be starting once again and doomed to repeat history.

I may not be sure, but I think those bats we see descending on Kong are the bats of Camazotz. In the upcoming graphic novel, GvK: Kingdom Kong, Kong faces a species of bats called Camazotz and these bats look very similar to the one in the graphic novel.

Another interesting part is where Kong is standing on what looks to be an outline of Godzilla made from what could be the remains of Godzilla dorsal plates. This is speculation, but I think this could be how Kong makes his axe. He builds them with the remains of Godzilla skeletons.

The most epic shot is right at the end of the trailer where Kong blocks Godzilla's atomic breath with his axe, swings it around behind him, and slams the axe down into Godzilla causing an explosive impact. Not only is that the money shot, but I see it as the shot that will decide the battle.

Overall, I am loving how the movie looks so far. We learn that the little Iwi girl influences Kong with either telepathy or through a parent/child relationship, Godzilla is being framed as the villain, but also because Godzilla is being influenced by APEX in some way that provoked him into attacking their facilities, and that this universe's history is repeating itself with an upcoming monster war.

What are your thoughts on the trailer? Did you love it, hate it, or indifferent? Is there anything I missed? Let me know on your thoughts and your findings on the trailer in the comments section. Make sure to follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Gab, Minds, and MeWe to stay up to date for more news, reviews, and discussions.


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