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Breaking Down The Godzilla vs Kong Valentines Day Trailer

While many of you are busy celebrating Valentines Day with your loved ones, a new Godzilla vs Kong trailer dropped unexpectedly. The trailer for Zach Snyder's Justice League movie was suppose to take the spotlight today, but then Godzilla vs Kong dropped on Twitter and my reaction was, "Yeah, baby! Give me more of that chunky lizard and funky monkey action!"

The new trailer has a lot of the same footage we have already seen in the previous two, but there are some new footage in the mix as well. I have to say, this trailer is showing a lot of footage of Godzilla laying the smack down on Kong. This trailer is heavily favoring Godzilla just like the Japanese trailer.

The first new piece of footage is where a small piece of footage of the scene where the little Iwi girl, Jia, checks on and calms down Kong after upon seeing him upset that he is in chains. Then, we hear Skarsgard say, "We need Kong…The world needs him. She's the only one he'll communicate with," followed up with Godzilla or disguised MechaGodzilla (I stand by that theory, still) destroying one of the battleships with his dorsal fins. Suddenly, we come to the next new footage where we see Godzilla flips the raft that Kong is carried on. Kong is still in chains and he is trying to hold on, but he is flipped into the water with the raft. If there is no better opportunity for Godzilla to attack Kong, it is at this moment where Kong is underwater. Kong looks to be at a disadvantage underwater, so it will be interesting to see how he gets out of that hairy situation.

Next, we see Rebecca Hall say, "It's Godzilla," followed up by that scene where Godzilla climbs on board the aircraft carrier and getting punched by Kong. Fighter jets are attacking Godzilla as he is swimming in the water. Suddenly, we get a new close up shot at Godzilla in Hong Kong using his atomic breath. He is most likely trying to hit Kong with this attack and Kong is trying to dodge or take cover, but Godzilla could also just be attacking the city. To be honest, every scene with Godzilla just looks beautifully shot and I really love this close up shot. You can really see the much smaller details very clearly.

Then the next scene moves very quickly, but we see Godzilla whacking Kong with his tail and Kong just flies backwards and he knocked out. One of the best moments in Godzilla (2014) was when Godzilla used his tail like a whip to kill the male MUTO. It was very powerful, but in King of the Monsters we have seen Godzilla use his tail on King Ghidorah to knock him down and yet it was not as powerful. So seeing Godzilla use his tail to send Kong flying is absolutely brilliant.

Just from Kong's face, you can tell that Godzilla's tail really hit him hard. This trailer is really playing up Kong as the underdog in this fight.

In the next scene, we Skarsgard, Eiza Gonzalez (at least I think it's Eiza Gonzalez), and Jia looking up at Kong who is out cold. His eyes are closed. He looks like he may not be getting back up. However, next thing we see is Jia using sign language telling Kong to be careful, we get a close up of Kong's eyes, and then Kong is up and ready to go for another round. I'm guessing this will be Kong's "Captain America" moment. I am imagining now that when Kong growls he is telling Godzilla, "I can do this all day."

We then see Godzilla shoving Kong back into buildings and an angle of the fight from inside one of the buildings. There are people trying to take cover and running away while we see Kong backing up. What is interesting is that the part where Kong is shoved into a building, Kong does not have the axe. In fact, his axe in this shot is stuck on the side of the building. Meanwhile in the next shot with the people running away inside one of the buildings, we see Kong with his axe. So at some point, Kong is going to lose his axe and he is gonna have to try and get it back.

We see one side of a mountain exploding, which we learned from the first trailer was caused by MechaGodzilla appearing as we see the robot in the background of the scene with the people running down some steps to get away.

Following up, Kong has his back turned and it quickly cuts to where we see Kong snapping off his collar. Kong is finally free from his chains as he waits for Godzilla to make his move. Cannons are being fired, but then Kong leaps into the air and lands on the aircraft carrier causing it to tilt from the force of Kong's weight. And the final shot we see is Kong shoving Godzilla back into the ocean and the trailer ends with the title card.

Overall, I am really loving what I am seeing from this movie. However, I would like a little bit more story next time. I know that we really care most about the Godzilla and Kong fights, but we can't have a fight without the human story. So far, all we know is that Skarsgard has been studying Kong, and Rebecca Hall watches over the little Iwi girl, Jia, which has a special bond with Kong. I would like to see a little more of Ren Serizawa's story. We have speculated to death in conversations what his role could be and we need to know a little more about. The same goes for Mark and Madison. We should see a little more with what is happening on their end of the movie. Lastly, I think it is time to show off MechaGodzilla a little bit more. He has sort of been hiding in all of the trailers and it is time to at least showcase what MechaGodzilla is capable of.

What are your thoughts on the Valentines Day trailer? Are you loving what you see so far or is there something that worries you? Is there anything you hope to see if we get another trailer? Leave a comment in the comments section on your thoughts on new Godzilla vs Kong trailer. Make sure to follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Minds, MeWe, and Gab to stay up to date for more news, reviews, and discussions.


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