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Could Toho Be Making An Announcement Soon?

If you follow the Toho_Godzilla account on Twitter, you would notice that something a little unusual is happening. It could be that whoever is running that account is just having a little fun, but with the constant posting of Mothra and then posting a picture of a clock it just seems a little suspect.

It started off with something a little silly showing a picture of Mothra and the picture next to it saying things that are suggestive like an internet model would say just for clicks. There were some laughs towards people responding with disgust. I even retweeted a response asking the person behind the account was feeling okay. Overall, it started off as people thinking that the guy behind the account was just bored or was meming just for laughs.

Then on January 6, the Twitter page made another post, only this time the image shows a 24 hour clock that reads “9:00 a.m.” and left it at that. Nothing else from this account said anything regarding the image of the clock. So this got a lot of people a little suspicious that something might be happening at this hour in Japan.

Earlier today, they made another Mothra post this time asking to vote between Mothra and Battra. Again, this could all just be shenanigans from the person running the official Toho account, but if there is reason to be suspicious, then this is leading me to believe that Toho is getting ready to announce a Mothra focused movie or project.

The last time Mothra had a solo movie was back in 1998 with Rebirth of Mothra III. So if this is a solo movie, it will be the first solo Mothra film in 24 years.

It could also be the start of that Godzilla cinematic universe that Toho talked about years ago. To refresh your memory, you can check out my post, Which Direction Will Toho Take Godzilla Next?. Long story short, one of Toho’s ideas is to release a Godzilla movie every two years and that Toho could see every monster having its own film that connects to each other.

I can see this with Shin-Godzilla where Toho does a follow up of that movie with Shin-Mothra and the Reiwa era of Godzilla could be turned into the “Shin” series. Another way for this GCU to work is that it’s another completely separate series just like the Monster Planet trilogy and Singular Point. Or the Mothra movie could be a one off movie.

Another possibility is that this is hinting at the Mothra 4K theatrical release that was announced during last year's Godzilla-Fest. The Japanese Godzilla account did make a Mothra related post yesterday reminding people about the movie releasing in 4K in Japanese theaters on February 27. Maybe the announcement could be that the 4K digital release could be making its way to America, as well.

As for that image of the clock, the post never specified a certain day. All it showed is a clock that read “9:00 a.m.” and that’s it. If there is an announcement, it could happen tomorrow or Sunday or any other day of the week. So if you expected it today, don’t give your hopes up just yet. I say give it until the end of January or Toho_Godzilla says otherwise.

Last and most importantly, we should always keep any expectations in check by taking anything with a grain of salt, especially with all of the speculating I have done on here. If this is a big nothing-burger then we could shrug it off and move on until there is news of anything Godzilla related. I am hoping that if it is an announcement for a new movie, then it exceeds my expectations. So far, I have not been all that impressed with what Toho had put out. I was not all that impressed with Shin-Godzilla, the Monster Planet trilogy, and Singular Point. So I am watching and waiting for that day when Toho releases a really good Godzilla film or series.

I want to know what you guys think. Is this leading to an announcement or do you think this is all bogus and just getting hyped for nothing? Let me know of your thoughts in the comments section. Make sure to follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Minds, MeWe, and Gab to stay up to date for more news, reviews, and discussions.

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Jan 12, 2022

i mean… if they post constantly they could be telling us something. They keep on posting about mothra so they could be telling us that there will be a new movie with mothra and battra or remaking the first mothra movie. I may not remember that scene anywhere, but I think this could be a scene from the first movie.


Jan 10, 2022

Ok… finally I think they did it for sure


Jan 08, 2022

Not sure what to think. Mothra vs Battra post is a little suspect.

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