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Godzilla Manga Announced

This morning, Shonen Jump Plus announced a Godzilla manga (Japanese comic books). The manga is based on the Godzilla: Monster Planet movie that was released on Netflix back in January. It will be retelling the same story as the movie, but it will also cover story material, add original elements, and offer glimpses of events and backstory of the characters that was not shown in the movie. This manga will be free to read online and a new chapter will be posted once a month. The first chapter will be released on March 29.

Shonen Jump Plus is an official online manga-magazine service site where everyone can read the latest and newest manga titles issued under their name for free. Seeing that Shonen Jump Plus is a Japanese site and the manga will be released in Japanese, we will have to wait longer until someone decides to translate it.

Are you excited for the manga? Do you think it will get an official English translated release? Leave your thoughts in the comments and make sure to share with your friends and stay up to date by bookmarking or subscribing to my page.

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