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Plans For 2019

Updated: Jan 3, 2019

The end of 2018 and the beginning of 2019 is upon us. We reminisce on all the things we achieved and what to plan and expect for the next year. The same can be said on here as well. As I look on all of my posts for this year, it amazes me just how much news was reported, how much discussions took place, and how so many movies were reviewed. Also, 2018 was a big year for The Kaijuologist in terms of switching services from Blogger to Wix and updating the look of the website. Even now, there are still changes being made to the website whether if it's a big change or a small change. What I want to report are the plans that I have for 2019.


As usual, I will be doing my movie reviews. The first movie review for 2019 will be Godzilla: Planet Eater, which is coming out on Netflix on January 9th. I'm not too excited about watching this one since the last two movies were disappointing. I only thought the first movie, Godzilla: Planet Of The Monsters, was okay because it was part 1 of this animated trilogy. When Godzilla: City On The Edge Of Battle was released it went downhill very quick. So my expectations for this last movie is low.

As we get closer to May, I will post my reviews for Rodan, Mothra, and The Rebirth Of Mothra trilogy movies. When Kong: Skull Island was released back in March 2017, I did marathon of Kong movies called Kong-athon. The trend continued in June 2018 with the Jurassic Park series before Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom was released. With Godzilla: King Of The Monsters releasing exactly six months from now it feels right to continue the trend of doing a marathon of movie reviews before the next big movie release. Then afterwards, I will do my review for Godzilla: King Of The Monsters.

2. Archive Section

As you may know, I have an archive section for all of my previous blog posts from Blogger dating back from the beginning of January 2017 to mid-2018. What I am looking to do is redo the archive section of the website so all of my posts are on one website instead of having to go back to Blogger to do so. This will keep everything organized and not so convoluted. So be prepared to see this update in the future.

3. Frequency Of Blog Posts

As we get more reports on Godzilla: King Of The Monsters and the production development for Godzilla VS Kong, the amount of news has been skyrocketing. In fact, there is so much that I wonder at times if any news is worth reporting or not. At this point for Godzilla: King Of The Monsters, the movie's production is finished and it's just sitting and waiting for the day of release. Any info about the movie that has been coming out from magazines like Empire or Total Film are stuff that we have already heard. Then there are reports that may as well be spoilers like Japan's online magazine, Cinema Today, and their interview with Michael Dougherty. If you read the article, then you know what I am talking about. If not, then I suggest not going to look for it if you're trying to avoid spoilers. So starting in 2019, the frequency of my blog posts will be less than usual. This is just to avoid repetitive news that is already reported and avoid potential spoilers as we get closer to the release of Godzilla: King Of The Monsters and Godzilla VS Kong.

What makes the biggest difference is all of you who come and read my blog. Without all of you, The Kaijuologist wouldn't exist. Just by coming and reading my posts really means a lot and I couldn't be any happier than that. 2018 was a big year and I hope in 2019 we can make it even bigger. Thank you for everything and have a HAPPY NEW YEAR!