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Godzilla: Singular Point Episode 6 Review

You can watch Godzilla: Singular Point episode 6 by clicking here or by going to

I never thought that I would review episode 6 this early, but I am really glad that I am because this was an episode I really needed after episode 5. We are at the half way point in the series now and we still have not seen Godzilla in action, yet. So far, we have been shown Rodan, Jet Jaguar, Anguirus, Manda, "Aquatilis", and Salunga and they all look really good. The story, though, has been a bit of a chore to follow, but episode 6 really had my attention.

There were a lot of moments where it looked inspired by Shin-Godzilla with the news broadcasting and all of these characters trying to figure out who Professor Ashihara is and how he is connected to the monsters, the red dust, and the Archetype material. I also like how the story mixes science with a little bit of mythology here and there and how it does not focus just on the main characters, but focuses on the people that are affected by these monster attacks. I am really starting to get the idea that these monsters are made from the same material as the Archetype, but there is still a lot of unknowns about the red dust. The show still has not gone into explanation as to what this red dust is, yet I am banking on that it is how the monsters breathe in the show's world.

For instance, episode 6 begins with New York City under siege by flocks of Rodan and spreading red dust everywhere. People are panicking and trying to run for their lives or they're inside their apartments watching it on the news even though everything is happening right outside their window. In episode 5, a Japanese talk show was reporting on Manda how it could affect the transportation and another industry if Tokyo Bay gets shut down. The show itself is really putting a lot of effort showing just how these monsters are affecting the general public and the economy.

In terms of characters, I can't really connect with Yun and Mei that much. Most of these characters don't express a lot of emotion nor drama for me to care about them. However, if you give me Goro Maki inside Jet Jaguar fighting a monster, I would be happy. Every time I see Jet Jaguar fight, Goro's random rambling ensues. He talks to the monsters like they even have a clue what he is talking about.

That fight with Anguirus was just insane and I was really surprised by how durable Anguirus is. It took a cannon to the chest, was knocked out, and minutes later it is back up again even more ticked off. I especially love how Anguirus knocks off Jet Jaguar's head to reveal a secondary head underneath. This is a call back to Terror of MechaGodzilla where the movie reveals MechaGodzilla had a secondary head after Godzilla tore it off. Anyways, I hope that Anguirus comes back in a later episode because by far this is the best version of the monster.

What was also cool was the battle at Tokyo Bay. The Japanese Navy are attacking a school of Mandas, but then "Aquatilis" rapidly approaches and jumps over one of the battleships to continue chasing the Mandas. Hopefully in episode 7, we will see Manda and "Aquatilis" begin their fight. I am also hoping that we finally see Godzilla appear in this show. The show is already half way through the season and some Godzilla action would be nice to see right about now.

I want to know of your thoughts on the sixth episode of Singular Point. Did you think it was good or not good? What are your thoughts on the show as a whole, so far? Leave a comment in the comments section of your thoughts on this episode of Godzilla: Singular Point. Make sure to follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Minds, MeWe, Gab, and Parler to stay up to date for more news, reviews, and discussions.

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