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After the initial success of Destroy All Monsters, work on the next movie went into production and this time aiming towards children. It was intended to teach children about bullying, but it flopped because of the over-use of stock footage from older movies mainly Ebirah Horror Of The Deep, Son Of Godzilla, King Kong Escapes, and Destroy All Monsters. The other reason for being so poorly received is because the movie didn't focus on Godzilla, but his son, Minya, and the boy, Ichiro, who befriends Minya. It was even slammed for giving a controversial message to children.


Ichiro learns how to stand up against bullying after hanging out with Minya in his dreams.

I'm all for PSA's on how to stand up to bullies. This is a life lesson that schools or parents should be teaching their kids. The way it was done though was very poor. It was more like teaching kids how to pick fights with bullies. Nice message there, TOHO. The characters are stupidly annoying and what's worse is the voice acting is so lazy. You have a kid that is being bullied, then he acts like a brat, and in the end he still acts like a brat just to impress the bullies that he's cool. A nice try, but this failed really hard to where not even the fans would touch this movie. Also, the movie is titled Godzilla's Revenge. Who is he getting revenge on? Is he getting revenge on all of the stock footage from his previous films? At least those reminded me that I could be watching a better film than this shlock!

Final Verdict:

All Monsters Attack is a hard pass and should never be touched.

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