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Large Footprints Found?

We all know that we only explored 10% of our oceans and that there are parts of these oceans where no human are able to reach. Last night, my friend, Rob Rosado, shared an interesting article on his YouTube channel, Entertainment Talk Nation. This article was published last week and it's about a set of indentations or depressions in the sea floor that were discovered that are shaped like foot prints. These foot prints were discovered off the coast of Mexico in the Pacific Ocean and were found by an exploration team that were sent to the Clarion Clipperton Zone (a zone of the sea floor that stretches from Mexico to Hawaii) to characterize the environment and marine life that were impacted by deep sea mining. The project was an EU funded project that was started back in 2015 using a submersible sonar robot called the Autosub6000. The robot recorded 3,539 indentations in the sea floor.

What has me intrigued is that the depth that these tracks were found were between 3,999 and 4258 meters deep. That is at a depth where many have thought was impossible for anything remotely large to exist. There is one theory that these tracks were caused by deep diving whales like the beaked whale, which can dive 2,992 meters/9,874 feet deep. If these depressions are caused by beaked whales then it would extend the maximum depth of how far these whales can dive by 1,200 meters. The problem is that beaked whales are the most elusive species to be documented. So far, there is no evidence to support that this is caused by whales. So what could cause these tracks?

The most logical answer is the possibility these being caused by smaller creatures that like to burrow instead of tracks left by a large animal. Remember, this is at a depth where nothing large could survive down there. So the most possible explanation could be caused by something smaller like crabs, octopi, etc. If it is a whale like the article theorizes then is it an already known species or a new species of whale? Or maybe these really are foot prints of something large living at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean?

Let's entertain the idea that there is some large animal that lives 9,000-10,000 feet deep. The new discovery of a large animal could change a lot of how we view our world's oceans. There is one phenomenon called deep sea gigantism, which explains deep sea creatures that are found unusually larger than their more shallow water cousins (e.g. the giant squid). So there is that possibility that it could be a larger version of an animal that we already know of today. Another thing is that there is not one set of foot prints, but there are other foot prints that indicate that it visits this area often. You can see in the photos which tracks are marked more recent based on the color of the circles. The white circles indicate new and more defined tracks and yellow circles means older and less defined tracks. In the close up picture of one of the foot prints, these are foot prints that eroded over time. So it is hard to tell what kind of foot prints they are. If I were to make a guess, they look like they're webbed. This is a very common trait in reptiles and amphibians to have webbed hands and feet to be able to swim in the water. I'm not going to classify that this is a reptile or amphibian, but I am just saying that is just how it looks in my opinion. The walking pattern of the tracks are irregular, but they look kind of like it's bipedal. I find it odd that it even travels in a zig-zag, but it could be that this animal was hunting something.

So what are your thoughts on this piece of news? Do you think there is a simple explanation for this or do you think there is something large hiding in the depths of the Pacific Ocean? Leave your thoughts in the comments and make sure to subscribe to my page to stay up to date for more news, reviews, and discussions. Also, I want to give a big thanks again to Rob Rosado for sharing this interesting article last night on his YouTube channel. I recommend checking out his channel if you are a fan of Marvel, Godzilla, WWE, and conspiracy theories. His channel is called Entertainment Talk Nation if you ever want to check it out.

Entertainment Talk Nation:

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23 avr. 2022

fascinating. I think we will find some really incredible things down there someday. Like dinosaurs we thought were extinct.

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