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Next line up of reviews

I had given some thought as to what I wanted to review next and this is what I have in mind. On April 7th or 8th, I will go see the movie, Colossal, which stars Anne Hathaway. Before that, I figured that this would be a good time to do reviews on South Korean monster movies, which are Yongary, Reptilian, and The Host. These reviews will start next week.

I am also going to do a review on a series of books called The Nemesis Series. This series of books are Project Nemesis, Project Maigo, Project 731, Project Hyperion, and Project Legion. These reviews will start after my review of Colossal. There will be a week where there will be no book review since I will be going away on vacation for that week.

I have been really itching to do a Godzilla-thon and I want to time it just the right time to do all of them. Sometime this year, a new Godzilla animated movie will be streamed on Netflix globally. There is no set date yet for this movie, but once it is released I will do a review for that as well to go with the Godzilla-thon.

That is all for the next couple of months. Please stay tune for next week's review of Yongary.

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