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SCP-1265: The Mesozoic Preserve

An instance of SCP-1265-A, image recovered from a camera within SCP-1265. Photographed by Agent Alain Bénéteau.

Item #: SCP-1265

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Site 1265, which contains SCP-1265, is to be publicly maintained as a wildlife preserve by the Safe and Clean Planet Initiative, a Foundation front company. Scientific discoveries made by the Foundation regarding wildlife within SCP-1265 may be published following corresponding evidence being found in the fossil record.

Civilians wishing to travel through SCP-1265 are to be treated with Class-D (Anterograde, Selective) amnestics in order to be unable to remember instances of SCP-1265-A that they come into contact with. All untreated civilians found to have come into contact with SCP-1265-A instances are to be treated with Class-A (Retrograde, General) amnestics, implanted with false memories, and released.

Every six months, eggs laid by SCP-1265-A are to be harvested for incubation and study before being released into the wild at full maturity. Full procedures for care of young specimens of SCP-1265-A, including imprinting procedures, see Document 1265-I.

Description: SCP-1265 is an irregularly shaped area of land measuring 50km² within the Congo basin, Africa. SCP-1265 is mostly contained within the Democratic Republic of the Congo, but approximately 15km² is contained within the neighboring Republic of the Congo. The majority of SCP-1265 is uninhabited, save from some tribal villages, and contains flora typical of the Congo basin.

SCP-1265 is inhabited by several species known to be extinct, mostly from the clade Dinosauria. These animals, collectively designated as SCP-1265-A, appear spontaneously in groups of five approximately once every 30 days, and are not necessarily found on the fossil record within Africa; instead, they appear to be selected based on the climate they lived in during the Mesozoic Era. Instances of SCP-1265-A are incapable of leaving SCP-1265, as they dematerialize upon crossing the border of SCP-1265, and reappear in an area within three kilometers of the border, sedated. SCP-1265-A are also not chosen based on particular period of the Mesozoic, but the Cretaceous and Jurassic are the most well-represented, with sparse population of Triassic-period dinosaurs. In addition, several non-dinosaur reptilians, such as pterosaurs, are known to exist within SCP-1265, but are not commonly seen.

SCP-1265-A instances, even carnivores, show no aggression or fear towards humans unless provoked; to date, the 3 Foundation personnel killed in SCP-1265 have died as a result of accidentally provoking a 1265-A instance, as opposed to being actively hunted by a carnivorous species of SCP-1265-A.

Notably, there are few large carnivorous or herbivorous dinosaurs present as SCP-1265-A instances, and a lack of dinosaur species whose fossils have been found in North America. For example, species such as Tyrannosaurus Rex and Brachiosaurus have never been sighted in SCP-1265, but species such as Spinosaurus and Kentrosaurus are relatively common. Proportionately speaking, there is a 5:1 ratio of non-American dinosaurs to American species.

Finally, there are several instances of SCP-1265-A that have not yet been discovered in the fossil record, collectively known as SCP-1265-α. SCP-1265-α instances are known for being unusually aggressive, and will often charge at or attempt to attack researchers and other animals within SCP-1265 indiscriminately. As of yet, Foundation researchers have been unable to determine the origin of most instances of SCP-1265-α; some have been found in the fossil record, and as such, have been reclassified as instances of SCP-1265-A. Notably, SCP-1265-α instances are reclassified as SCP-1265-A usually lose all aggressive tendencies.

SCP-1265 is believed to have existed for at least 200 years according to historical records. Several instances of SCP-1265-A have been integrated into the folklore of several tribes in the area near SCP-1265. Objects such as SCP-346 suggest anomalies similar to SCP-1265 may exist elsewhere, though no additional instances have been found. For further details, see Interview 1265-01.


Interview 1265-01: An interview conducted by Dr. Welles in a Mboshi village 5.5km away from the perimeter of SCP-1265 regarding SCP-1265-A sightings. All dialog is translated from the Lingala language.

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