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The "What if" scenario; Metphies's True Plans Revealed?

It has been a week now since Godzilla: Planet Of The Monsters was released on Netflix and I think it is about time to start a discussion topic on a scenario that has been slipping under people's noses. I'm talking about the "What if" scenario that Metphies and Mulu-Elu were discussing. Why is this so important? Because it could be hinting at what is to come in parts 2 and 3 and it made me wonder if there is still interest in claiming the Earth for themselves after helping the human race fight Godzilla.

We look into the past Godzilla films and we see a story like this before. Aliens or time travelers claiming to be peaceful and wound up being hostile and would mind control the monsters and build robots to begin the invasion of Earth. This is nothing new. In Godzilla: Planet Of The Monsters, we find out that the Metphies's race, the Exif, and Mulu-Elu's race, the Bilusaludo, actually had plans to invade Earth after Godzilla was defeated. But this was before everybody was forced to leave Earth. Now, nobody has any planet to claim as their home. The incident with the volunteers that died while entering the atmosphere of Tau-e was a total accident. Or was it? During the movie, we hear about a rumor that the committee knew that Tau-e was uninhabitable and they sent volunteers anyways as a way to "lighten the load". No matter how much Haruo wants to believe that rumor, they have been drifting in space for twenty years and he believes that because of their situation people would think irrational ideas and cause accidents. So he doesn't believe that the committee on the Aratrum would be so corrupt that they just dispose them so there would be less mouths to feed. The committee itself isn't corrupt, but perhaps there is one committee member that is corrupt and that member is probably the Exif priest, Metphies.

Looking back at the concept for the Exif race, they are heavily based on the Xiliens from Godzilla vs Monster Zero and Godzilla: Final Wars, which both of them are capable of mind control. Mulu-Elu brought up how the Exif failed to "brainwash" the Earthlings with their religion after Metphies brought up that the Bilusaludo would have probably used MechaGodzilla to get rid of the Earthlings if it defeated Godzilla. Even though Mulu-Elu looks highly up to Haruo like Metphies does, he does not have a very strong presence in the movie. Now, he could be doing stuff behind the scenes like any other bad guy, but Mulu-Elu does not seem like the kind of guy that works behind the scenes. Metphies, however, has been working behind the scenes for most of the movie and Metphies is the one that has been standing by Haruo's side to promote Haruo's ideas of returning to Earth and defeating Godzilla. Metphies is the one that has been influencing Haruo's behavior and ideas ever since the beginning. Not only that, but Metphies also tells Haruo that the Exif have traveled for a lot longer time than the Earthlings and Metphies has watched many civilizations on other planets fall to creatures like Godzilla. With this much influence over Haruo, who knows how much influence he has over the committee or perhaps influenced the rise of Godzilla and other monsters. If he does have some influence over the monsters then it is the reason why he has witnessed many civilizations fall to monsters like Godzilla. It was probably because he or his comrades sent those monsters there to destroy those planets perhaps as a way to persuade or "brainwash" humanity into joining their religion. Metphies learned about Haruo's idea, gave him a voice by leaking some info about the committee volunteering people to Tau-e, planted a bomb on the transportation ship, and then let the rest do it's thing. I think Metphies has plans for Earth and the human race and he can't do that with Godzilla still alive. Mulu-Elu caught on about Metphies leaking information, but I don't think he is aware that Metphies has "other plans". As for the Bilusaludo, they don't have any plans just yet, but I believe it may reveal itself in the next movie, Godzilla: The City Mechanized For The Final Battle, or not at all.

What do you guys think? Do you think that both Metphies have plans to take over Earth? Or is there perhaps a misunderstanding and that there are no plans? Or perhaps Metphies is not alone? Let me know by leaving a comment in the comment section. Make sure to bookmark my page to stay up to date on more Godzilla and other kaiju related news, discussions, and reviews and make sure to share with all your friends who are also kaiju fans. I will see you guys next time.

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