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Kong Slams Down Godzilla In New Concept Art

Godzilla VS Kong has just wrapped up filming in Oahu, Hawaii. The production of the movie is not done yet, but the crew are taking a break to be with their families for Christmas. Before wrapping up, the production team posed for a picture with a big movie clapper. It is good to see pictures showing the production team is having some fun while on set. It means that filming is going well. Yet it is not the picture of the production crew that has people interested in the photo. It is what is on the movie clapper that has caught so many people's attention.

At the bottom of the movie clapper, we get our first look at official concept art for Godzilla VS Kong and Kong really looks different from when he appeared in Kong: Skull Island. His fur looks thicker and Kong just looks so buff in this art piece. I'm not sure how much bigger Kong grew over the years, but he does not seem much bigger than Godzilla. He does look like he leapt into the air while in the process of throwing a punch at Godzilla's face. So he could be about the same size or a little smaller than Godzilla.

However, it looks like Godzilla had a bit of touch up on his design as well. His dorsal fins got a new design compared to his design in Godzilla: King Of The Monsters. At least the first few of them. They look spikier than the previous version. So I wonder how the rest of his design will look. Will all of his dorsal fins have a new design or is it only a select few? It would be interesting to see all of the dorsal fins get a new design. It would be easier to identify which Godzilla belongs to which movie. The 2014 version had smaller dorsal fins and the 2019 version are bigger and reminiscent to the 1954 design. So maybe this one can look more like the 90's design.

What are your thoughts on the concept art? Does this make you excited for the movie? Leave a comment in the comment section of your thoughts on the Godzilla VS Kong concept art. Make sure to follow me on my Facebook page and Twitter to stay up to date for more Godzilla news, reviews, and discussions.

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