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What To Expect Out Of CCXP 2020

The last convention of the year, the Comic Con Experience (aka CCXP), has begun and on Sunday, WarnerMedia will be holding a six hour panel at 15:00 BRT (1:00 PM EST/12:00 PM CST). Since now we know Godzilla vs Kong will be releasing theatrically and on HBO Max we should start expecting a trailer very soon. However, there are three things we should expect if the trailer does get shown tomorrow.


First one we should obviously expect are spoilers. Ever since photos of PlayMates Toys Godzilla vs Kong figures were leaked in January a lot of us already know there are some new monsters (as well as ones that appeared in previous movies) appearing in this movie, including [REDACTED]. You all know who I'm talking about and you guys keep posting pictures of the toy on my Twitter posts; which is really annoying considering I wan't to make sure people that don't want to be spoiled are not spoiled until it is officially revealed in a trailer or be surprised by this character when they watch the movie.

However, I will say this. Considering that all of you already know who it is I will stop calling it this character [REDACTED] AFTER it appears in the trailer. It is inevitable that this character will be in the trailer in some amount of time whether it is for a split second or for a couple of seconds showing a full body silhouette of the monster. Also considering that we are half a year away from this movie's release and we waited through three delays it is time to let allow a little bit of spoiler talk.


Second thing to expect that might happen this year is Warner Bros. going on a censoring spree. Last year, we had leaked footage from last year's CCXP that showed a quick two second clip of Godzilla and Kong fighting on an aircraft carrier and when the video and images were being passed around Warner Bros. was slapping everyone with a copyright infringement claim.

I can see Warner Bros. putting out a warning before the panel starts tomorrow to not take any screenshots or download and share videos of anything that is shown at the panel. If they do, expect people on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube to be slapped with a copyright claim. Even my blog post last year got slapped with a copyright claim because it showed the image of Godzilla and Kong.

So unless Warner Bros. says the trailer is safe to be shown publicly tomorrow, I will not be posting leaked pictures and videos publicly. I could share them privately to anyone that want to see them, but only if you don't post them publicly yourselves. I do not want to see any of my followers get banned because they shared an image or video publicly when WB specifically asked not to do it. If you do, then that is all on you.


We talked about what to expect when the trailer does drop, but we should also expect a situation where WB doesn't show a trailer at all. It is unlikely based on the time length of the panel, yet there is always that chance that we may not see anything. Maybe a new poster is shown or we get the same banner we have been seeing for months. We don't know how Warner Bros. is going to approach the marketing for this movie.

For all we know, we might be waiting until the Monsterverse Marathon or until February/March to see the first trailer for Godzilla vs Kong. I understand that we saw the first trailer for Wonder Woman 1984 last year (actually one year ago in three days from today), but that was way before they decided to put the movie on HBO Max. We need to understand that the marketing game has changed now due to COVID-19. WB is not sitting on the cash required for a massive marketing at the moment and every piece of marketing costs money.

If the trailer is not shown you will be feeling disappointed. However, a good way to deter that disappointment is to lower your expectations. Remind yourself that there is that chance that nothing could get shown and you are just gonna have to wait a little longer. This doesn't mean you are not allowed to express your disappointment afterwards. You should speak up and express your concerns to make sure Warner Bros. listens. Just know that at the end of the day we are in all new ball game and changes with marketing this movie is going to be very different.

So those are three things to expect happening tomorrow at CCXP 2020. I want to know what your thoughts on what will happen at CCXP tomorrow in the comments. Are you optimistic about the trailer dropping tomorrow? Do you think Warner Bros. will drop the trailer publicly or go on a censor spree like usual? Are you reserving your excitement just in case we don't see anything? Make sure to follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Minds, Parler, and MeWe to stay up to date for more news, reviews, and discussions.

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