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5 Things To Know Before IGN FanFest

Updated: Feb 25, 2021

IGN FanFest is just one day away and Adam Wingard is expected to show up tomorrow for the Godzilla vs Kong interview and fan Q&A. The panel begins at 8:45 AM PT/11:45 AM ET/4:45 PM GMT. There are some things to expect and to be aware of.

1. Where to Watch:

IGN FanFest is a free live event, so you don't have to purchase any tickets. All you have to do is attend. Here are the places you can watch the Godzilla vs Kong panel:


  2. IGN's Facebook Channel

  3. IGN's Twitter

  4. IGN's Twitch Channel

  5. IGN's YouTube Channel

  6. The IGN app on iOS, Android, PlayStation 4, XBox One, and Android TV

  7. Roku

  8. Amazon Fire TV

  9. Apple TV

  10. IGN 1 on Samsung TV Plus

  11. Pluto TV

  12. Plex Live TV

2. Fan Q&A:

During the panel, Adam Wingard will be answering questions asked by fans. Right now, IGN is asking fans to submit their questions. If you have not submitted a question then now is the time to do so.

Here are the ways you can submit a question:

  1. Post a comment or upload a video using Yappa in the comments section.

  2. Twitter: Tweet a text or video question using the #IGNFanFest and at @IGN.

  3. Instagram: Record a video post using the #IGNFanFest and tag @igndotcom.

  4. TikTok: Record a video post using the hashtag #IGNFanFest and tag @IGN.

  5. Facebook: Post a comment on this IGN Facebook post.

  6. YouTube: Write a comment on this IGN YouTube community post.