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5 Things To Know Before IGN FanFest

Updated: Feb 25, 2021

IGN FanFest is just one day away and Adam Wingard is expected to show up tomorrow for the Godzilla vs Kong interview and fan Q&A. The panel begins at 8:45 AM PT/11:45 AM ET/4:45 PM GMT. There are some things to expect and to be aware of.

1. Where to Watch:

IGN FanFest is a free live event, so you don't have to purchase any tickets. All you have to do is attend. Here are the places you can watch the Godzilla vs Kong panel:


  2. IGN's Facebook Channel

  3. IGN's Twitter

  4. IGN's Twitch Channel

  5. IGN's YouTube Channel

  6. The IGN app on iOS, Android, PlayStation 4, XBox One, and Android TV

  7. Roku

  8. Amazon Fire TV

  9. Apple TV

  10. IGN 1 on Samsung TV Plus

  11. Pluto TV

  12. Plex Live TV

2. Fan Q&A:

During the panel, Adam Wingard will be answering questions asked by fans. Right now, IGN is asking fans to submit their questions. If you have not submitted a question then now is the time to do so.

Here are the ways you can submit a question:

  1. Post a comment or upload a video using Yappa in the comments section.

  2. Twitter: Tweet a text or video question using the #IGNFanFest and at @IGN.

  3. Instagram: Record a video post using the #IGNFanFest and tag @igndotcom.

  4. TikTok: Record a video post using the hashtag #IGNFanFest and tag @IGN.

  5. Facebook: Post a comment on this IGN Facebook post.

  6. YouTube: Write a comment on this IGN YouTube community post.

All I ask is to make sure your questions don't spoil the movie. We're all excited for the movie, but some questions are better answered by the movie itself rather than finding out at the panel. Otherwise, ask away and I hope your questions get answered.

3. Spoilers:

Spoilers should always be expected at any panel, especially at the Godzilla vs Kong panel. IGN will be asking Adam Wingard questions about the movie that may go into spoiler territory, fans will be asking Adam Wingard questions that could be potential spoilers, and we should also expect the sneak peak to show spoilers.

I get it. Spoilers suck and Adam Wingard even acknowledges it in his interview with Collider. In his recent interview with Collider, he was asked about the duality of the primordial and technologicial. Here is part of his response was, "I feel like with a movie like this, especially it's important that people go in kind of not knowing too much, you know, like you just don't want to spoil too many things. Like, I don't even think that they should really release any more trailer stuff, to be honest, because it's like, I... You know, even though like we've only showed just like the tip of the iceberg, when it comes to what there is in the movie, it's like, you still want all these like great surprises and these great moments to hit in the most effective way possible."

So Wingard has heard and agrees with us that spoilers should be avoided at all costs and I do expect him to try his damndest to not slip up and mention anything that will ruin the movie. Yet, I also expect him to not catch every spoiler related question. We all have those moments where we get really comfortable and we accidentally ruin a surprise here and there. He will definitely keep silent on the most obvious questions, but maybe not the not-so-obvious questions. Again, he will be asked about the movie's story by both IGN and kaiju fans and there is a possibility that some information we weren't suppose to know will slip in somewhere.

If spoilers are not your thing and want to avoid all spoilers then this panel will not be for you.

4. Sneak Preview:

On top of that, we are also getting a sneak preview of the movie tomorrow. So far, Warner Bros. has been doing a good job not showing too much in their trailers and like Wingard has stated (hopefully), we have only seen the tip of the iceberg of what the Godzilla vs Kong trailers has shown us. What I am hoping is that we see a more story focused scene maybe about Ren Serizawa or we see more Mark Russell (Kyle Chandler). We have only seen Mark in one trailer and we know nothing about him in this movie nor how he has been handling things since Godzilla: King of the Monsters.

According to Kinema Millennium, the runtime for Godzilla vs Kong is 120 minutes/2 hours long. I'm not sure how true that is seeing that nowhere else has updated the movie's total runtime. If it is true, then there is still a lot of movie left we have not seen in the trailers. If you paste together every clip from every trailer we have seen so far, we would get at least around 5 minutes of footage. So it may seem like we have seen a whole lot from all of these trailers we got, but we have barely seen anything. Hopefully, the sneak preview at IGN FanFest will continue showing very little of the movie without spoiling anything.

5. Panel Runtime:

According to IGN's schedule, the Godzilla vs Kong panel begins at 8:45 AM PT/11:45 PM ET/ 4:45 PM GMT. The next panel afterwards is the BETHESDA panel, which starts at 9:15AM PT/12:15PM ET/5:15PM GMT. So I estimate that the panel will be 25-30 minutes long.

I speculate that the panel will spend 10-15 minutes for IGN's interview with Adam Wingard, 2-5 minutes for the sneak peak of the movie, and then the last 10 minutes will be for the Fan Q&A.

So those are my five things of what to expect at IGN FanFest tomorrow. Did you find this helpful in anyway? Will you be attending or skipping the Godzilla vs Kong panel? Let me know in the comments section on what you expect tomorrow. Make sure to follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Minds, MeWe, Gab, and Parler to stay up to date for more news, reviews, and discussions.

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