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Breaking Down The Godzilla vs Kong Panel At IGN FanFest

The Godzilla vs Kong panel at the IGN FanFest has just happened and I have to say that Adam Wingard did a really great job with the interview and the fan Q&A. He didn't reveal too much and played very safe when answering the questions. He has even dodged a lot of questions that would go into spoiler territory, so bravo to him. Here are the things he did reveal in the interview.

IGN Interview:

The first question Wingard was asked is if we should consider Godzilla vs Kong the final movie of the Monsterverse series. His reply was that he is unsure about what the future holds for the series. The only true way to know is based on the enthusiasm from the fans.

"Well, I mean…I guess just like any other sequel that's up to if, you know, if people are super into this. One which, you know, I'm biased, but I think they're definitely going to be super into it. So, you know, who knows what the future holds, but…if the fan enthusiasm is there, then absolutely, why would we ever end this thing if people want more."

For the most part, Adam is stating that he is not sure about where the Monsterverse series will go after Godzilla vs Kong, but he has made it clear that if there is enough enthusiasm then you can bet on more movies in the future. So if you want to see more movies happen then you have to show that you want more. This even includes watching Godzilla vs Kong.

Wingard was asked about if he made any changes to Godzilla's design and he gives the same answer he gave to Collider. He was given the option from Legendary to make changes to Godzilla, but he feels that Dougherty's design is the definitive design for Godzilla vs Kong. He even uses Batman V Superman and the original 1962 movie, King Kong vs Godzilla, as examples of how we identify the characters. He doesn't feel like the original movie was the definitive version of King Kong vs Godzilla since King Kong looks very different as a guy in a suit and the same goes for his opinion on the Ben Affleck version of Batman in Batman V Superman. So when it comes to designing Godzilla and King Kong, he wants them to be the definitive versions of those monsters.

On top of that, he ends the question saying, " He [Godzilla] already has a couple of movies building up to this point and I just want this to feel like the real match up. I want you to walk away from this…I wanted there to be no more arguments on the playground. This is the decider, you know. You don't have to debate it anymore. You watched this film. That's Godzilla, that's King Kong, they're beating the shit out of each other and one wins, you know. That's it."

If anybody ever has any doubts about a winner in this film, then you heard it from the director's mouth. There will be a definitive winner.

Adam Wingard was asked about King Ghidorah, but he has dodged the question saying there is something in the movie about Ghidorah. It is hard to not mention him in Godzilla vs Kong since it takes place five years after Godzilla: King of the Monsters. Yet, he can't give any details without spoiling the movie.