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English Trailer For Godzilla: COTEOB Is Now Live

While it is not live on YouTube yet, Netflix has released the English trailer for Godzilla: City On The Edge Of Battle on their website. The audio for the sound is low and the music is really loud, so be prepared to constantly play with the volume.

My thoughts on the trailer for this movie is only so-so. It does not show anything new outside of what we already saw in the Japanese trailers and it is really short. It does not provide anything that tells what the story is about. The only new scene we do see is a scene where the twins are hiding from the Servum. That is basically it. I really like that line, "Those who challenge, those who oppose, all will be engulfed in flames and disappear!" Obviously, this line was a warning to Haruo and his comrades to stop provoking Godzilla, but it can all revert back to the ending of the first movie, Godzilla: Monster Planet, when Godzilla "Earth" appeared and destroyed half of Haruo's fleet. His plans got destroyed and he is still dead set on getting revenge. I think that is as much story I will probably dissect from just this small trailer. I will update this article when the trailer drops on YouTube so others may watch as well.

Godzilla: City On The Edge Of Battle will be released on July 18th, so expect a review on either that same day or July 19th. Make sure to stay up to date by subscribing to my page and sharing with your friends as well.

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