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Full Throttle Catch Up!

Updated: Jan 3, 2019

Hello everybody, I apologize for not posting anything for a couple weeks. There was a glitch that didn't allow me to type up a proper post and I was also on vacation. So now, everything is back to normal and back to my consistent schedule. I have missed out on some news during the time so lets jump right in.


A couple weeks ago, YouTuber, D Man1954, had an exclusive interview with the motion capture actor, Alan Maxson. For those who don't know, Alan Maxson is playing one of the heads of King Ghidorah (the right head to be exact) in Godzilla: King Of The Monsters. The interview does not reveal much about the movie, but the interview does give more insight on the actor's background, how he got the role for King Ghidorah, and details on what it takes to play these roles as monsters. I say give it a watch if you want to know more about the actor.


On August 13th, it was confirmed that TOHO will make an appearance with Godzilla at the Licensing Expo Europe taking place in London. The expo will be from October 9th - 11th. Back in June, Godzilla stomped his way to the Las Vegas Licensing Expo. There we got to hear about the first bit of news about TOHO's future plans for Godzilla films. TOHO's chief Godzilla officer, Keiji Ota, explained that they want to branch out beyond their domestic market and how Marvel movies and the Monsterverse series inspired them in wanting to make their own Godzilla cinematic universe. This news of a new Godzilla cinematic universe movie series sparked debate among fans about whether or not this meant any plans for a Shin Godzilla sequel is scrapped. Hopefully, we will get more details about this new series and how they are going to get Godzilla to go global. For now, the only Godzilla they consider to be global is the one in the currently running Monsterverse series made by Legendary and Warner Bros. There are talks that TOHO want to do more business with film studios for help with production. This lead to some fans speculating that TOHO could be talking about extending the contract with Legendary and WB, but for now the only confirmation is that Godzilla vs Kong will be the last movie of the Monsterverse series.


Filming dates for Godzilla Vs Kong were revealed a few weeks ago. Filming will start October 1st, 2018 and end filming in February 2019. Filming will begin in Atlanta, Georgia, as usual, and Oahu, Hawaii. There are even reports of other location spots in Hawaii such as Honolulu and Kualoa. Also, a placeholder summary shares more info about the film. "The film revolves around and ecosystem of giant super-species, as the Monarch organization that discovered Godzilla expands its mission." So we will see more monsters and maybe including returning ones like the Skull Crawlers, but they will most likely not play a prominent role. It is established that there will be a clear winner which means Godzilla and Kong being the main focus of the movie, as it should be. Godzilla Vs Kong will be released on May 22, 2020.

That is all of the updates for you today. I will catch all of you next time. Make sure to share with your friends and book mark my page to stay up to date for more news, reviews, and discussions.

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