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Godzilla: King Of The Monsters Biography: Rodan

Following up from yesterday's reveal from the viral marketing, we are taking a look and dissecting the biography of these monsters or what MONARCH calls titans. Our first subject will be Rodan, so take a seat (I assume you already are) and let us begin.

Titanus Rodan is a pteranodon like monster with an aggressive behavior. It is 154 ft with a wingspan of 871 ft. In Rodan's profile on the website,, it states,

"Within a Monarch containment facility atop the active Isla de Mona volcano, a mysterious Titan lies in pyrostasis within the restless magma. The legends speak of it as the 'Fire Demon' or 'The One Born of Fire', but a simpler name echoes through the ancient temples of volcanically active regions: 'Rodan'."

"A volcanic internal combustion system of magma flows throughout a body covered in rock-like scales that act as geothermal armor. While much larger in size, Rodan has a skeletal structure similar to that of a Pteranodon - one of the earliest vertebrates known to have developed the power of flight. Just as Kong is king of the primates, Rodan may have once been king of the skies. Because of the extreme temperatures within this particular containment facility, current lab equipment can't function properly. As a result, thermal heat signatures are impossible to collect, and Monarch crews conducted cardiograms via aerial satellite for life sign detection and verification. Much like the volcano that incubates it, Rodan is alive but dormant."

"Rodan’s wings are wrapped around its body in stasis, but our cryptos estimate a wingspan big enough to create a sonic thunderclap capable of leveling entire cities as it flies overhead. RF-Capture scans reveal that Rodan’s skin is not made of rock, but does have an outer dermis of sharp volcanic sediment collected from centuries of dormancy. Sci-ops theorizes the vulcanized appearance of its skin may be an evolutionary trait developed as a form of camouflage against mountain or large rock formations. Truly, a Titan forged in fire."

So this version of Rodan is very dragon-like from how he is described