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Godzilla: Singular Point Episodes 7 & 8 Reviews

You can watch Godzilla: Singular Point episode 7 by clicking here or by going to

I was originally going to post the review of episode 7 last week, but since neither anime network and Kiss Anime had them uploaded at that time I postponed the review to this week to make sure everyone got to see the episode first. With episode 7 now up, I can now give you my thoughts on this episode and episode 8. I hope you enjoy the reviews.

The plot thickens as the monster known as "Aquatilis" has made landfall after chasing a pod of Mandas and the red dust plumes over the city of Tokyo. Due to the red dust's unknown properties, a nationwide lockdown was put into place in concern of health risks. To adapt to the new environment, the monster has took on a second form.

I really do have to say that there is a lot of visualization put into this episode. Ever since the introduction of the red dust and Archetype, it has made me sort of question where the show was trying to go with this. Thanks to episode 7, I can now see it more clearly and the imagery in this episode really hit close to home in terms of the situation turning similarly to the corona virus pandemic. It showed empty shelves in grocery stores, people wearing face masks, streets and trains are unused, more flights either being canceled or diverted, and people trying to evacuate the city. The show even showed a map showing other parts of the world where the red dust has spread the most. Similar to how the number of COVID cases has been the most prominent.

On top of that, the show is beginning to look more like Shin-Godzilla. In that movie, Godzilla evolves and grows into four different forms. In episode 7 of Singular Point, we see that Godzilla is evolving and growing starting with the "Aquatilis" form (a form that looks like Titanosaurus) and now has transformed into a Varan form that was revealed to be called Godzilla "Amphibia". However, we only see "Amphibia" before the opening credits. Rest of the time, Godzilla is shrouded in this plume of red dust perhaps devouring the Manda it killed in that chase.

We also get to see more of Salunga and an introduction to a new weapon called the orthogonal diagonalizer, which looks eerily familiar to the oxygen destroyer. When BB tossed this weapon into Salunga's containment cell and detonated I sort of felt bad for the monster. What the weapon did is that it chrystalizes the red dust and grows like tree roots or branches and Salunga was impaled by these roots. It didn't kill the monster as its eyes were still twitching, but it couldn't move a muscle or emit a sound. The last thing we see before it goes dark is Salunga literally eyeing BB like it will remember him the next time it tries to escape.

What I also find interesting is the reveal that the red dust and Archetype cube are one in the same. I believe I guessed it in one of my reviews, but in a conversation between Mei and Li, Li was speculating that the Rodan were using the red dust to allow the monsters to breathe. So while the orthogonal diagonalizer is not the oxygen destroyer, it technically still is the same weapon if the red dust is truly the monster's oxygen.

Finally, Jet Jaguar has his legs! The robot went from being stumpy to rolling on skates to having the feet that many fans have been aching for. To go with the final upgrades on Jet Jaguar, the robot also gains a new spear made of Anguirus's horn, which looks bad ass and the trailer makes Jet Jaguar look bad ass when in use. I am hoping we see it in action next episode, but something tells me we won't see the action until the 9th episode.

Overall, this was a pretty good episode. I didn't understand at first where the show was building up to, but it is starting to make a little more sense with the imagery that is similar to the pandemic. If that is what the show was aiming for then it really hit home with how it was shown.


You can watch Godzilla: Singular Point episode 8 by clicking here or by going to

Just to note, Netflix Japan has started putting official English subtitles for the anime. This is great as we don't have to wait for the fan subs of the show. You can go back and rewatch the previous episodes the way they were meant to be.

The JSDF begins their attack on Godzilla "Amphibia", but "Amphibia" has something up its sleeve in retaliation. Yun, Haberu, Goro, and Jet Jaguar investigate a corpse of a beached Manda that was speculated to be killed by Godzilla. However, further investigations reveal something bursted out of this Manda and had made a nest at a nearby warehouse. Professor Li takes Mei to Professor Ashihara's home to dissect Ashihara's notes about a super calculator and understanding Ashihara's Catastrophe. After hours of studying, Mei makes a discovery about their reality.

In episode 7, Jet Jaguar became completely autonomous being controlled by Yun's A.I., Yung. On the way to the beach to investigate the beached Manda corpse, we do see the A.I. develop a little bit of personality based on how it views the world since it inhabits the robot's body now rather than being constrained to a phone or computer.

"Amphibia" does a little bit more in this episode, but getting to the actual Godzilla is really developing at a snails pace. In retaliation of being attacked by the JSDF, we see "Amphibia" use its breath for the first time. Just like in Shin-Godzilla, "Amphibia" takes a nap after using it, but covered in this crystalized red dust. The blast not only destroyed some of the tanks, but it also killed many of the Rodans that were in the area.

We get to see more of Manda and Rodan invading London, but not much else. However, we are introduced to Megalon and Hedorah. According to the leaks, however, they are called Kamanga and Hanega. Kamanga is described to be a hybrid between Kumonga and Megalon while Hanega is the blue Hedorah that wears Megalon's exoskeleton like a suit. Those two names were leaked weeks ago. I mentioned about a leak back in episode 4 when Salunga was revealed. However, I can't really confirm if Hanega and Kamanga are the official names until a toy of them or a bio on the anime's website confirms it.

There is certainly a lot of things the story explains in this episode, but it has made one major development that should be brought up.

In my post titled "Which Direction Will Toho Take Godzilla Next", I stated how we can already see the "World of Godzilla" idea being implemented in this anime. However, I was pointing out how the show focuses on the monsters. With the recent development in this episode, that is looking more like the direction Toho is going with the multiverse theory. In the scene where Mei and Pero 2 were going through Ashihara's notes, Mei was brainstorming about how the eyes are the super calculators and then identifies them as singular points rivaling each other. Then, she comes to the conclusion that each eye represents an alternate universe with a singular point. This scene is most likely revealing the origin of these monsters and how they are from different universes rather than from a nuclear fallout. Yet, there were a few interesting questions running through my head when this was revealed. Would that mean every era (Showa, Heisei, Millenium, Monsterverse, TriStar, Polygon trilogy, and Reiwa) can be considered canon in this anime? If so, then would the ending credits be a part of another universe happening at the same time as the anime? Is the anime giving us a glimpse of what Toho has planned in the future? I want to believe that something bigger is going to develop with the multiverse theory, but I could also be reaching too far ahead. Maybe nothing really comes out of multiverse theory from this show and it is explaining where the monsters came from.

Otherwise, the story was fine all in all. There is a lot of stuff being explained that I can't seem to follow anymore such as the Archetype and the orthogonal diagonalizer. In episode 7, they reveal that it exists and was used in a canister shaped like the oxygen destroyer. Now, Professor Li was saying it doesn't exist yet. Then, there is "BB" explaining to his daughter the Archetype's different phases and not even she understands what the hell her father is talking about. We have five more episodes left and I hope that this anime has a strong finish.

What are your thoughts on the seventh and eighth episodes? What was your favorite scene? Do you think Toho is planning a bigger universe or do you think the multiverse theory won't expand outside of Godzilla: Singular Point? Leave a comment in the comments section of your thoughts on the anime. Make sure to follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Minds, MeWe, Gab, and Parler to stay up to date for more news, reviews, and discussions.

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