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How I Would Do It: Monsterverse SpaceGodzilla

First introduced in the 1994 movie Godzilla vs SpaceGodzilla, SpaceGodzilla was a force to be reckoned with. It was a monster that not even Godzilla could fight on his own. The monster's origin is speculative, but the theory is that Godzilla's cells from Biollante or carried by Mothra were sucked into a black hole, mutated, and bursted out of a white hole. To back up the theory, the movie showed and compared both Godzilla's and SpaceGodzilla's cells having the same cells. Despite having a similar look and personality as Godzilla, SpaceGodzilla has a chock-full of abilities that Godzilla does not.

Abilities such as flight, telekinesis, grows crystals, can fire electricity from its mouth called a corona beam, and create crystalized barriers/shields. Even though SpaceGodzilla was so powerful, it had one major flaw and that was most of the monster's energy was being stored in the crystals located on its shoulders. With the assistance from Mogera, SpaceGodzilla was weakened once those crystals were destroyed, which allowed Godzilla to kill the monster once and for all.

Godzilla vs SpaceGodzilla was critically acclaimed to be one of the weaker entries in the Heisei series, but the monster is still considered a fan favorite that would like to see return on the big screen. With that in mind, having SpaceGodzilla fit in the Monsterverse would seem like a nonsensical idea or very challenging, to say the least. With King Ghidorah as a space monster, Godzilla turning into Burning Godzilla, the Hollow Earth, and MechaGodzilla the series has already gone into territory where realism has been thrown out the window. However, there are still laws that the series abides by that still makes this universe keep a little bit of the realism left in ways that demands some drastic changes in order for SpaceGodzilla to work. There are those that think the monster can’t work, but I think it can to an extent. This is how I would do SpaceGodzilla in the Monsterverse.



The first thing that needs to change are SpaceGodzilla’s abilities. SpaceGodzilla has a bunch of psychic abilities along with his corona beam in his arsenal powerful enough to make Ghidorah look like a guppy as well as his ability to fly and grow crystals. In the Monsterverse, some of these abilities will have to get a major overhaul or cut out altogether. Let’s start with the abilities that can work and go from there.

Corona Beam: The corona beam is SpaceGodzilla’s signature attack much like Godzilla’s signature attack is his atomic breath. In the original movie, this beam is similar to Ghidorah’s gravity beams in appearance, except SpaceGodzilla can control the trajectory of the beam at will rather than shooting it in a straight line. The Monsterverse version of this attack, would be nerfed down. SpaceGodzilla wouldn’t have the ability to control the beam’s direction. In fact, this version would be more in line with Godzilla. The strength of the monster’s attack all depends on how much energy it had stored during its hibernation. SpaceGodzilla can’t be too reliant on this attack and must only be used as a last resort.

Blizzards/Crystal Growth: The Monsterverse version of SpaceGodzilla will have this ability to grow crystals to be used for storing energy. However, he doesn’t have the ability to grow them at will. Much like how the rest of the monsters in the Monsterverse are capable of using their radiation to restore natural habitats such as rainforests, oceans, and arctic terrain, SpaceGodzilla’s radiation is on overdrive creating large blizzards the size of New York City and turning any terrain into a frozen tundra everywhere it goes.

Flight: For a monster with a lot bulk, it would look really ridiculous for SpaceGodzilla to fly in the Monsterverse. While some could argue that SpaceGodzilla had wings in concept art of Godzilla vs SpaceGodzilla, the wings were removed from the monster’s final design. So wings are a no go, which means that this version will not have the capabilities to fly.

Telekinesis/Telepathy: Telekinesis is another of SpaceGodzilla's abilities that the monster uses frequently in the original film. While it sounds too crazy of an idea to fit in the Monsterverse, let us not forget that monsters with psychic abilities have already been introduced in the Monsterverse. In Godzilla vs Kong, conspiracy theorist, Bernie Hayes, revealed that due to Ghidorah's long necks the monster had the capability to communicate with all three heads telepathically. A super computer was then built from one of Ghidorah's skulls to replicate this telepathic link, which allowed Ren Serizawa to pilot MechaGodzilla before it went berserk. So the idea of telepathy for SpaceGodzilla is not too farfetched in the Monsterverse, but only with limited use. SpaceGodzilla won't be able to lift objects with its mind, but maybe used as a way to communicate with Godzilla.

Shield: In the original film, SpaceGodzilla is capable of summoning a crystalline shield that acts as a barrier to protect itself or anything else it deems useful. The shield is capable of deflecting any energy attacks back at the opponent. The downside is that it doesn't protect SpaceGodzilla for very long. For the Monsterverse version, the only thing I would alter is that SpaceGodzilla creates a crystal shield that covers the body like armor rather than be a barrier. Otherwise, I would not make any other changes to this ability.



SpaceGodzilla was once one of Godzilla’s ancestors. A regular Godzilla that got hungry for power. The Iwi tribe recognized it as “Zo-zla-halawa,” the giant lizard that ate a star and turned evil. This star that the monster consumed was none other than the Earth’s core, which was once a meteor that crashed on Earth way before life had developed. With the meteor’s radiation, it became the source for all living creatures on the planet and in the Hollow Earth. Without the energy from the planet’s core, everything on Earth would die. Having consumed this meteor, Zo-zla-halawa’s energy became so unstable that it went on an uncontrollable rampage.

According to a story told by the Iwis, a family of Kongs managed to defeat the Zo-zla-halawa. In my expanded version, the Kongs and the Godzillas worked together and sent the beast down into one of the vortexes. It stays stuck in an unknown void and freezes the monster in a crystal-like cocoon. It would go into hibernation and slowly mutate over eons.

The Iwis would bury the vortex praying that nobody discovers this tunnel and let the beast out. As for the Earth’s core, remnants of Zo-zla-halawa’s crystals lay scattered across the battlefield and discovered the energy are still stored inside these crystals. The Iwis restore the planet and the Hollow Earth by planting these crystals across the Hollow Earth restoring the natural order.

As for the scattered remnants of Zo-zla-halawa’s dorsal plates, the Kongs discover that they can be used to build tools and weapons, but the Godzillas were protective of the remains to the point of threatening anything that comes near. It was sacrilege for the Godzillas to use even one piece of their dorsal plates as a tool for war. One of the Kongs, however, managed to grab one of these chipped off pieces of dorsal plates and killed a Godzilla relative when it tried to force the Kong to yield. Because this Kong had killed one of Godzilla’s kin, this was considered an act of war and the beginning of the rivalry between Godzilla and Kong. The Kongs would manage to slaughter a few more of Godzilla’s family members and collect more of their dorsal plates to be made into weapons. Yet, the Kongs were no match for Godzilla’s wrath. The Kongs and the Iwis would retreat to the surface where they would claim Skull Island as their new home.



Following up with her father’s retirement, Madison Russell takes the reins as a site director for Monarch. Due to her pro-Godzilla stance, however, there is a lot of distrust towards her from her colleagues believing her stance to be foolish as Godzilla could turn on humanity again one day. Upon discovering a new Hollow Earth entrance, they discover a Titan similar looking to Godzilla in the void between the surface and the Hollow Earth has been woken up, which seeks to bring about an extinction level event. Upon further research, Monarch discovers this new Godzilla has the same cells as Godzilla making both monsters related, but combined with radioactive elements never discovered on Earth until now thus naming the new monster SpaceGodzilla. Since Godzilla and SpaceGodzilla are relatives it brings Godzilla's loyalty into question once again.


Even though this new SpaceGodzilla would not necessarily be from space, it still has a cosmic origin coming from a void inside one of the vortexes. How I came up with this void is recalling a scene in Godzilla vs Kong where Nathan, Ilene, Maia, and Jia were following Kong to the Hollow Earth in the HEAV and after entering the vortex there was this empty space. Every time I see this part, it made me wonder why this space was left blank and not just a tunnel made of rock and rubble. With the HEAV moving at light-speed in this void, it really looked like a scene that took place in space like 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Another thing that helped me with SpaceGodzilla's new origin story was watching a video by Rob Rosado from Entertainment Talk Nation on how he would bring Gamera into the Monsterverse. In the video, his idea was that Gamera would be from Atlantis just like in the Heisei trilogy, but Atlantis is located in one of these hollow pockets similar to Godzilla's shrine. This reminded me that not every single entrance into the Hollow Earth leads into the Hollow Earth. Some of them could lead to a pocket area where a Titan could be hibernating. So seeing this black void had me wondering if maybe it could lead to other places.

I recommend checking out Rob’s YouTube channel. It is called Entertainment Talk Nation. His videos include Monsterverse, Marvel, DC, The Boys, and much more. Also, he does livestreams every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. So make sure to go check him out.

Lastly, I wanted to try and establish some of the already existing lore from the Godzilla vs Kong novelization, comics, and a bit of inspiration from concept art. Novels go into so much more detail than the movie counterparts and a lot of it gets left out from the movie. Zo-zla-halawa became a talking point among fans for a while speculating that the story behind the monster was referring to SpaceGodzilla. On a side note, the story of the Zo-zla-halawa was really just the Iwis explaining how they thought Godzilla and his ancestors used their atomic breath, but I thought it would be fun to expand on it further. I was also inspired from the concept art of the cave painting that had the Godzillas and Kongs fighting together against a flying Titan as a way to establish that Godzillas and Kongs were once allies before their rivalry started. I figured that if I were making a movie, then I would try melding some of the lore from the novels, concept art, and comics into this movie with SpaceGodzilla so everything was loosely tied together and expanded upon.

I really want to thank all of you so much for your patience. I did the best I could to make SpaceGodzilla more grounded in this universe and I didn't want it to come off sounding too much like fan-fiction (even though it is fan-fiction). So now I want to know what your ideas are for SpaceGodzilla. What would you do different if you were asked to make a Monsterverse SpaceGodzilla? Let me know in the comments with your ideas. Make sure to follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Minds, MeWe, Gab, and TRUTH Social to stay up to date for more news, reviews, and discussions.

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Oct 13, 2022

That was an awesome read 👏👏👏. I noticed Zo-zla-halawa almost sounds something akin to (god)zilla-hollow(earth)? of course thats just complete speculation.

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