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How Can Gamera Be Introduced In The Monsterverse

Godzilla and Kong just had their epic rematch last year with fans and non-fans alike clamoring for more Monsterverse content. However, there is one monster that has been left out of the spotlight for far too long: Gamera. Ever since Gamera's 2005 movie, Gamera: The Brave, kaiju fans have been eagerly waiting to see this turtle return. Then at New York Comic Con 2015, a short film by Kadokawa Daiei Studios was debuted to celebrate Gamera's 50th anniversary. Since then, any news of a new Gamera film has been radio silent. Over the recent years with the Monsterverse growing popular, there has been some debate whether Gamera could fit in the Monsterverse.

While I have had shared my thoughts on this subject a couple of times on why this monster wouldn't fit, Godzilla: King of the Monsters and Godzilla vs Kong has shown that any sense of realism the Monsterverse had from Godzilla (2014) and Kong: Skull Island were thrown out the window and anything is possible, at this point. The hardest part though would be trying to get the general audience to accept the idea of a fire-breathing turtle that can fly around like a UFO. So how would one approach this idea? Here is my idea on how to handle it.

First, I would drop small hints of Gamera's existence in the Skull Island anime and/or the upcoming Apple TV series, MONARCH. Have the group of explorers find cave paintings showing how the Iwi managed to coexist with Kong's ancestors and reference the cave paintings again years later through discussions between the people who discovered them and the main characters about how there are even more strange Titans that existed. This can act as a branch that crosses both shows.

However, we learn there was once another Iwi tribe that managed to bond with a different Titan. To differentiate the two Iwi tribes they have emblems representing their guardian titans, one with an emblem representing Kong's tribe and another emblem that resembles a turtle. As our main characters are being guided by the Iwis back to home base, they stumble upon the ruins of the secondary tribe. Not much is known about this secondary tribe other than both tribes once communicated to each other and was guarded by a creature that was just as benevolent to humans as the Kongs, the Gojira, and the Mosura. Even though history of this second tribe has been lost to time, there were stories about how this guardian Titan was also known as the shield Titan for its shell was like as impenetrable as a shield. However, it would find itself in a win/lose battle in the ancient Titan war. This Titan would win the fight against hordes of hostile Titans, but died after protecting the people of this second tribe after sustaining too many wounds and blood loss. However, rumors began to spread among the Iwi claim that the shield has been reborn and now slumbers underground until he is called upon once again.

Then in the next Kong film, Monarch has been making a geographical map of the Hollow Earth with only a small percentage of this world mapped out. Monarch would send drones to scout uncharted terrain as well as check up on Kong. While exploring the terrain, one of the drones has discovered some ruins with an emblem that resembles a turtle and cave paintings inside the ruins. The tour of the ruins would halt after the main characters of the movie learn that Kong is in a fight with another titan. In the post credit scene, our main characters are worried for Kong's wellbeing wondering if he will be able to keep fighting at his age. One of the characters pulls up the photos of the ruins and we hear, "Kong won't be alone. There are others like him out there." We see pictures of more cave paintings with Gamera fighting swarms of Titans and we see the emblem one last time before cutting to black.

Artwork by Deviant artist: NoBackstreetboys

Finally, Gamera makes his debut in the movie simply titled GAMERA. In the movie, Gamera has finally been discovered by Monarch in the Hollow Earth after years of researching Iwi legends and cave paintings. Gamera has shown to be a gentle Titan and get extra excited when Jia visits from time to time. Monarch has even made records of his battles with hos3tile Titans in the Hollow Earth and has proven to be a real guardian with humans. Gamera and Kong have crossed paths before, but Kong welcomes the idea of another Titan this time to help him keep the Hollow Earth peaceful.

Gamera will be able to fly, but this flying ability would be an unnatural ability gained from genetic tampering caused by Jonah Alan's terrorist group that were sent into the Hollow Earth to infiltrate Monarch's database, steal information, and cause havoc. For the first time, Gamera had experienced humans committing evil acts to each other and his body was defiled in the process just so that evil person could make an escape. When Gamera first gains this ability, the extremely hot exhaust that shoots from his arms legs hurts him leaving with painful burn scars and was unable to control it. By the climax, Gamera will be able to gain more control over his flying.

The Gyaos will also be introduced as the movie's main antagonist and was created by Jonah's crew by splicing together different mixtures of Titan DNA such as Rodan, Skull Crawler, and King Ghidorah. However, the terrorists discovered that all Titans are required a specific amount of the Hollow Earth energy in order for them to live. Without it, the Gyaos are just husks. This revelation was discovered after observing MechaGodzilla's rampage in Hong Kong. So they took the time to test and perfect the Hollow Earth energy and are ready to release them starting in the Hollow Earth.

There would be two fights that happen. The first fight in the Hollow Earth with Gamera and Kong teaming up against the swarm of Gyaos and the second fight happens on the surface with only Gamera taking on a mutated Gyaos.

The movie will have an end credit scene with one of Monarch’s researchers talking about Godzilla, but they don’t mention him by name. They report that he is awake again and reveals he has been trailing behind Gamera. Another epic clash of the Titans was about to begin once again.

What are your thoughts on introducing Gamera in the Monsterverse and do you have an idea on how Gamera should be introduced? Leave me a comment in the comments section of your thoughts and ideas for a Monsterverse Gamera. Make sure to follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Minds, MeWe, Gab, and TRUTH Social to stay up to date for more news, reviews, and discussions.

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Nov 17, 2022

how can zilla jr be in the monstervirse

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