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John Carpenter Teases A Godzilla…Something

With Godzilla-Fest announced for November 3rd, there have been some small announcements that came afterwards. Announcements such as a teaser for Godzilla short film called Godzilla vs Gigan Rex, which is a sequel to Gemstone's other short film G vs G. Then, an interesting twist happened recently. Another teaser was dropped, but it is one nobody really expected.

The teaser is very quick and it showed John Carpenter, director of Halloween and The Thing, sitting down in a movie theater and cutting to black with green text saying "COMING SOON." If you just watched it without the audio you wouldn't really think much of it. However, it is after the teaser cuts to black where the roar of the 1954 Godzilla can be heard cementing that something Godzilla related is happening.

What could it be? That, for one, everybody is trying to figure out. I have seen some speculation that it could just be John Carpenter is hosting a marathon of Godzilla movies and another idea could be a documentary. It would make sense since his post did tag TokuSHOUTsu TV and the channel is a channel that airs shows such as Kamen Rider and Ultraman. Also, John Carpenter is a Godzilla fan (a piece of info I am now aware of) and what better way than to have a Godzilla fan host a Godzilla marathon or documentary. However, I have seen one idea pop up that I didn't know was a thing until after the teaser.

Very early in John Carpenter's career, he had made a fan film called Gorgo vs Godzilla. It was only touched on briefly by Carpenter in a book by Gilles Boulenger John Carpenter: The Prince of Darkness, and the book quotes, "Nobody will ever see those films – they are so devastatingly bad."

With that in mind, I do not think he is going to release the fan film he made years ago. However, there is always a possibility maybe he has another short film he could have made or perhaps remade Gorgo vs Godzilla with today's special effects that is good enough to be presentable.

What I want to see is a combination of all three ideas. He hosts a small marathon of Godzilla movies that he likes the most and after each movie he gives the movie's background history and why he loves that certain movie. Before the marathon ends, he presents us one more film that he made himself and that is when we get to see his short film for the first time. It will be up on YouTube shortly after the premier for a limited time until after November 3rd (Godzilla's anniversary).

Since his post has tagged all of SHOUT TV's Twitter pages, my guess is that whatever John Carpenter has in mind for Godzilla is going to be exclusive on SHOUT TV, TokuSHOUTsu TV, and all of their other channels. There is no date as to when we can expect this special feature to happen and all it says is "COMING SOON." Until we get an update, Halloween or November 3rd would be my best guess of when this will be released.

What are your thoughts on John Carpenter's Godzilla teaser? Do you have any ideas on what it could be? Leave a comment in the comments section of your thoughts on John Carpenter's teaser. Make sure to follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Minds, MeWe, Gab, and TRUTH Social to stay up to date for more news, reviews, and discussions.



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